Why is Slug so underappreciated?

I see many posts regarding Cecil’s columns, and I see many posts by (and in response to) Ed Zotti, but the heart of the whole massive Straight Dope organization, the linchpin, the Big Bang of the Straight Dope cosmos is Slug Signorino. Cecil and Little Ed are admirable front men for this God of Artistes, but let’s face it: without Slug’s sensitive and educational etchings, the mighty Straight Dope Organization would be a backup feature in a little known alternative newspaper, rather than a driving force for goodness, respected throughout the free world.

For example, take a look at Cecil’s current column (the one about Lesbians w/ babies) http://www.straightdope.com/columns/000421.html . Nice prose, decent humor, facts present, but with Slug’s touching portrait of a Lesbian mom, Cecil’s words are elevated to the realm of the transcendant.

Another of Slug’s masterpieces is the “Germ-On-Knee” one, (I can’t find it in the archives) which clearly belongs in the Louvre.

Join me fellow Dopers in praising the work of this great artist and asking…NAY, DEMANDING an oversized, coffee-table book of Slug’s work to be the next offering from The Straight Dope! If a piker like Hirschfeld can have a $200 edition devoted to him, why not Slug?

Our slogan: More Slug NOW!


It would be nice if the pictures were available here somewhere.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

bring back “Cecil Slapping Some Loser”!

It’s a post-modernist masterpiece that speaks to our angst, our fear of ignorance, and our basic desire to slap certain numbskull upside the head.

Thanks for doing your bit to advance the cause of human knowledge.
  – Cecil Adams

I think a set of coffee cups would be nice.

A Slug on the front and a pithy quote on the back.

Sets of 24, for book club meetings.
And matching sugarcube tongs. Wait-too much-reverse that.

Gotta beat the meager ad money, I’d thinkso :slight_smile:

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