Why is Straight Dope working so well now?

I like Straight Dope.

Only problem I have had in the past was -------it was so annoyingly erratic compared to other large discussion forums. After about five minutes I always got this “this page is innaccessible” crap.

Hesitant to join it and pay $14 a year for something that only half worked. And that is being generous. I would say it never worked for any length of time over 5 or 10 minutes.

So now I join as a freebie guest for a month and everything is hunky dory. Just as reliable as any reliable forum I have been on.

Is there some kind of conspiracy involved here? You have to become a member for things to work right.

Could be just a coincidence of course that right when I became a guest member this forum immediately became 100 % super reliable.

The board still freezes up at certain times of the day, but mostly it recovers within a minute or two. I notice many slowdowns around 12pm to 2 pm EST, I am assuming this is tied to heavy lunch time use.


I’m not the one to discuss this, since I’m the most computer-ignorant of the mods, but my understanding is that when we get peak usage, things slow down. If you’re on at odd times (weekends, late night, US-time) there’s rarely a problem.

Of course, in a weird version of Gaudere’s Law, I click on this topic all excited and it takes forever to load. :stuck_out_tongue: