Why is the rabbit peeing on my son?

This has happened three times now. The first time, we thought is was a fluke, but now we’re certain he’s doing it on purpose. He jumps a little, and lets fly, and it almost all lands on my son. I have three kids, and he’s only ever peed on the one, never on my wife or I or our dog.

We’ve had the rabbit about five days, we’re watching it for our neighbors. It’s a lop eared rabbit, male. In case it’s related, he’s pretty horny, having tried to hump my leg and knee a few times, and my wife’s also. Apart from the peeing and humping, he’s pretty friendly, and not afraid of anyone or the dog.

If he does it again I would like to say rabbit tastes just like chicken!

He needs to be neutered. Plain and simple.

[the bunny that is!]

Thought this was gonna be about the latest John Updike novel. Nevermind.

Myself, I read it too quickly and thought it said, “Why is the Rabbi peeing on my son?” I was going to suggest you find a new congregation.

I had a rabbit that did this: He would whip his hindquarters around and blast me like he had a garden hose.

I figure its the rabbit equivalent of Mace…blind an annoying enemy.

My rabbit used to do ti when he was pissed off, like he wanted out of his cage. I got him fixed (it was a bit pricier than getting a cat fixed) and he settled down a lot.

I’d guess, for what ever reason, the OP’s rabbit doesn’t like her son.

Yeah, we kind of figured that (Of course, since it’s not our rabbit, it’s not our call…). Just weren’t sure if it was also the cause of the peeing.

So is it consensus that the rabbit doesn’t like my son, rather than that the rabbit is marking him? (Bunny equivalent of “You’re mine!”)

Mine used to do it whenever he was excited.

That would have been SO much better!

Not much makes me laugh out loud - thanks!