Why is the system asking me if my email is correct?


You currently have a bounce score of 9. Discourse adds 1 to your bounce score for a “soft bounce” and 2 for a “hard bounce”. Off the top of my head I’m not sure what exactly it calls a hard vs a soft bounce, but generally your internet provider rejected the message as undeliverable for some reason.

We have a lot of trouble with yahoo for some reason, especially with password reset emails. If you have a different non-yahoo email you might want to add that as an alternate.

Also, you may want to add the “from” address that the SDMB emails come from to your address book. I believe it is straightdope@discoursemail.com … that way your email system will be less likely to incorrectly flag those emails as spam.

(And yes Yahoo is one of the most… challenging… email providers. If you can switch, you should.)

I got that notification as well, and I use Yahoo, so that makes sense. I had noticed that the majority of notifications from this board had been going into my spam folder, but now I’m getting nothing from this board, not even in my spam folder. I assume Yahoo must have decided this board is a spammer and is completely blocking every email it sends now.

Thank you for that. The notification just said something like “Add our email address to your address book”, but didn’t actually provide the email address, so it wasn’t particularly helpful.

Did adding the email address actually help? In theory it should since the email is from a “known” sender in your address book.

Also adding the address should be easy since it’s for the current email, e.g. add this email’s sender to my address book. Let me check in gmail… in fact replying to the email may be the same action as “add to address book”.

Aha, so to do this (in GMail at least), you click or tap the sender, which brings up a user card, and there’s a little “plus human” glyph on the right. That glyph explicitly adds the sender to your address book. So it’s a two click/tap action.

Actually no, it doesn’t look like it. I’m still not getting any email from the board, even in my spam folder, even though I’ve gotten notifications from the board that should have generated emails.

Make sure you don’t have any web browsers open. If Discourse thinks you are online reading the board, it won’t send emails because it considers that a double notification.

Notification emails are generally only sent if you are “offline”, meaning, no web browser has touched the server in the last ~10 minutes.

If you want to force emails even when you are online, you can change that in your user preferences.

For some reason, I suddenly started getting email notifications from the board again today. And they’re all going into my inbox and not my spam folder. That’s likely because I have the board’s email address in my address book, but it’s been in my address book for weeks now and I just started getting notifications again today. Maybe Yahoo updated their spam filter last night or something.

That’s great! Yahoo is notorious for being weird about silently dropping mail they they don’t like. The only “fix” is to add the sender to your address book, so the mail is coming from someone you expect it to.