Why is there always a small gnat/flie/midge in my toothbrush mug?

Every night I will wash a dead midge down my bathroom sink from the mug whose job it is to house our toothbrushes and toothpaste .
There seems to be no shortage of them, sometimes I even score a deuce of the little gits.
Why is this? Do they get off on the smell of toothpaste or is it the little bit of liquid that gathers at the bottom of the mug that they dig?

      • Their momma laid eggs in the toothbrush, what you’re finding are the new hatchlings that didn’t cut the mustard.

Hmm. If you were in the US, my guess would they’re the Homeland Security Agents assigned to protect your toothbrush from the terrorist savages. :wink:

All critters need water. These just happen to be finding it in the bottom of your toothbrush mug. Midges are also really poor fliers, relatively speaking, and like to hang out in sheltered places where they are less likely to be blown off to parts unknown. I suspect this accounts for them frequenting the mug.

I have no basis upon which to build a case for or against DougC’s assertion that they’re hatching in your toothbrush, other than the fact that it’s unlikely the hatchings would occur consistently, every day. But, I really hope it isn’t true. :stuck_out_tongue:

The eggs aren’t in his toothbrush, they’re in his TEETH.

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No, they’re in what looks like a pimple on his FACE. One day, in the bath, the whole thing will burst and hundreds of 'em will fly/crawl out.

…and then they will be mine to command as I see fit. They will call me ‘MIDGEURE MAN’.
I haven’t decided if I should be for the forces of good or for evil yet. Send me your money or I may very well turn evil, hmmmn I think that horse has just bolted. moohahaha etc.