why is this site so addictive?

Now I love the straight-dope site, but I spend far to much time here, answering other peoples pointless questions which no one ever reads, reading mindless factoids and raving opinions. Why can’t I stop? Any other self-confessed addicts out there, and ideas how to stop?

Since I am not in college any more, I have no other forum for those heated “who would win in a fight: Superman or Godzilla” debates.

You have to admit that it isn’t good for you, before you can give it up. I am not ready to make such a statement.

Next… :smiley:

What a silly question.

Superman, of course.

Superman is flying around feeling really horny and looking for some action. Suddenly he sees Wonder Woman lying on the ground with her legs open so he zooms down and - BANG - in, out and away in one smooth move.

Wonder Woman says “Wow, what was THAT?”. The Invisible Man replies “I dunno but my ass hurts like hell”

I figure death will slow me down. Until then, no way.

But what if Godzilla ate some green kryptonite first?

Because it beats the snot out of the nonsense you get on Yahoo! message boards. Here, if you say something, you damn well better have something to substantiate your view.

After reflection, I feel that in my case it is (i) simply misplaced effort, e.g. rather than doing what I should be doing but hate (paper filing, etc) etc, it is much better searching the internet for the economics of ball bearings, or quantum mechanics, and get a buzz out of answering a someones question, and (ii) a nerdish delight in stupid, useless facts. Must get back to work, must get back to work…

Oh come now. 119 posts and you’re talking about addiction? Talk to some of the dopers with several thousand posts to their names if you want to see some serious back-monkeys.

An you want to stop? I’m sorry, but that phrase doesn’t make any sense. And what is this work thing of which you speak?

yojimbo introduced me to it.

Here yojimbo, try some of this crack. It’s fun! Nah, you won’t get addicted; that’s a myth…

well thats about 100 posts since the new board started in march, so give me a chance. + I like to lurk, so thats 1000s of posts read. Definition of addiction - if you think you have a problem then its probably too late already

I prefer a Catch-22 definition myself. If you’re sane enough to realize that you have an addiction, than you can’t possibly be addicted. It’s only those people who claim they can give it up anytime that are truly hooked. **

** This applies to the SDMB only and is not meant to be a blanket statement on chemical or other other behavioral addictions.

Great topic!

The ones who know how to stop are no longer here to tell us how they did it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I confess to being an addict. My excuses are

– My job is boring (actuary)
– I want to retire anyway.

Both excuses are bogus, of course.

“-- My job is boring (actuary)
– I want to retire anyway”

scary job - you will be able to work out exactly how many years left you have left after you retire. I sort of would not rather know

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Hi. My name is Robert. I am an SDMB addict.

(Hi, Robert!)

Ideas on how to quit? If I had any good ones, I wouldn’t be posting to this (or any other) thread.

I feel your pain. I love message boards. I read about 5-6 different ones on different topics. However, here I just keep on reading. Over 700 posts (actually, over 800 with the crash) is huge for me…I usually get sick of a board before I get 200 posts. The message board that I’m most active in other than here is over at Anandtech, where I have about 225 posts. I had one other board I used to go to where I had about 375 posts.

The answer: This board is NEVER lacking in interesting discussion. There are so many different things being discussed here, and the people are fun, nice, and of above average intelligence. All of that adds up to an interesting, witty discussion with tons of active threads.


What else would I do at work?