Why Johnny can't read?

There’s a large daycare center near my house called “Little Learner’s.”

Does anyone else see the irony here, or am I off base?

Well, maybe they have only one student. Sounds like it might stay that way…

Now that’s just saaaaaaad.

Bah. There’s a nursery 'round here called “Happy Hands!” Perverts.

Well relic, at least they don’t spell it “Happy Hand’s.”


Forgive my mistake, Carina42. I’m sure you never make them :rolleyes:

Wow…hmmm…there are just so many different things going on in this thread that I want to comment on.

Nah, I think I’ll stick to the rolly eyes. :rolleyes:

I think you missed Carina42’s point, relic_11. :rolleyes:

I was working for a newspaper selling advertising in the mid-90s. One of our clients had a rather prominent billboard featuing the cars they sold and a title to the picture above it. The title was “Thorobred’s.” We ran a short blurb about it in one of our “Seen About Town” articles. They promptly pulled all their advertising from our paper.

(Sorry if the spelling of Thorobred is off.)

Okay, maybe then I did miss the point. Anyone care to fill me in so I can apologize if needed?

relic11, when you said “Happy Hands” and she said at least it didn’t say “Happy Hand’s” - it’s the apostrophe between the d and the s in Hands. In her OP, she was talking about the apostrophe in “Learners” that shouldn’t be there and that it was kind of I guess dumb that a “school” should have such a blatant error in the name. She wasn’t saying YOU did anything wrong.

Or, I could be wrong.

Okay then. If that is true, I still would like to apologize. Sorry. I’m a little uptight about people correcting my grammer sometimes. I went to a Montessori school, (I KNOW I spelled that wrong, I’ve never been able to spell that right! :)) and I swear, no one ever taught me the grammer rules. I do fine most of the time, but I feel it is a big hole in my education that I get embarssed about easily. Sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to derail this train of thought.

Sooooooo, how 'bout those “little learner’s?” :o

Missy, thanks for 'splaining to Relic…

Relic, I wasn’t correcting your grammar, didn’t see anything wrong with it! You spelled Montessori right, and grammar wrong, though. :slight_smile:

[sheepish grin]Did I? :o Heh, heh…[/sheepish grin]

I just love the irony when one of my students states, “I don’t got my grammar book with me today.” Hee hee.

The worst error I’ve ever seen on a sign was a huge, lit-up job which proclaimed the store’s name: “Shopper’s Delihgt” [sic].