ralph124c, could you please spellcheck your titles already?

Or at least stop posting when drunk. Thank you.

Threads in evidence:


And I know for every one I found there were probably 3-5 where the mods eventually fixed the titles…

Or swing by Google before posting a new topic.

“Moron, can you stop being a moron?” Yeah, I have high expectations for this having any effect.

You have to admit that spelling error in “charter schools” is pretty freaking funny.

As a wise Vulcan once said “cheap entertainment outwieghs the needs of correct spelling”.

Live long and poster.

He’s been pitted for his spelling and grammar many, many times and it has no effect. I really don’t know what his problem is, but I wish he would seek help for it. I very rarely ever read a ralph124c thread or post because of it. Too bad to as I think some of the topics might be interesting.

You’d be right. Once in awhile Ralph comes up with some good ones. Let your snob hair down and enjoy the ride.

I’ve had it work before. Granted, not on this message board, but, hey, it’s worth a shot.


Moron, can you stop being a moron?

The next good one I see from ralph would be the first. Even ignoring spelling, every one of his OPs I read is fundamentally flawed, either in logic or fact.

It’s been fixed. What was it?

And the input from all the other posters is as well? A stupid question CAN lead to interesting discussions.

Don’t get me wrong. Ralph has me eyerolling on a regular basis. But IMO once in awhile, perhaps a great while, his threads aren’t horrible and he sometimes makes a decent/good point.

IIRC, it was ‘chrater’.

I think the funny part was just the fact that there was a spelling error in a thread about schools.

OP, you are pissing into the wind here.

The moron in question is, has always been, and always will be a net drain on the resources of this board. His GQ threads alternate, for the most part, between questions that are so basic that a quick check of Google or Wikipedia would provide an unambiguous answer, and questions that are so stupid or vague or poorly thought-out that no answer is ever likely to be forthcoming.

What’s even worse is that, in a large proportion of the (literally thousands) of threads that he starts, he never returns to thank people for their input, or to contribute to the conversation in any meaningful way. He seems to start every day by asking himself, “What vaguely-and-probably-inaccurately-remembered tidbit from my past can i turn into a poorly-worded question to which i don’t really want the answer?”

I think that the best punishment for ralph124c would be stranding him on a desert island with Jinx, who is almost as bad. They would spend the rest of their lives bombarding one another with inane questions.

An OP claiming 2+2=22 can generate an interesting discussion on the nature of math. Doesn’t make the OP any less idiotic.

Damn you for not replacing “titles” in yours with “titties.” Woulda made today 100% better.

Of which ralph124c apparently attended none.

So, who are you punishing by not reading it? The OP? I doubt he gives a rats ass. You for not reading something possibly interesting? Perhaps. Way to show HIM by not educating yourself!

Lets take the OP that started this. Crahter Schools. Is Ralphs OP likely a mess? Yes. Is the topic itself some thing that might generate some interesting discussion and revelation of facts? Heck yes.

The fuck are you even talking about now?