Kindergarten Cop

  1. Why was Detective John Kimble the one undercover stalking Crisp at the mall. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have someone whom Crisp doesn’t immediately recognize?

  2. They bring up the domestic violence subplot but never really resolve. Are we just to assume that Arnold punching the guy solved the problem? I guess so. There is no problem punching a man can’t solve.

FLAWS in the internal logic of Kindergarten Cop?

Kindergarten Cop was based on a real 90s haircut.

Well, you might expect internal logical flaws in a schlock piece like Touch of Evil but not in the masterpiece that is Kindergarden Cop.

I don’t get why anyone likes Orson Welles. Arnold could beat him with one hand tied behind his back.

At what point are we allowed to paint over the murals on the side of Astor School? I mean, they weren’t there before the movie, they were painted on the school just for the movie. But now they are apparently some kind of art form that must be preserved for all time.

It’s been over 20 years since the film was shot. Is that long enough? Or are people going to go all Goonies on us and expect to come back for a 25th anniversary and expect everything to be the same.

The poor people who rented their house for the Goonies only to have to keep it looking like “The Goonies House” so fans can have their picture taken in front. Yeah, it still looks like that. The owners probably wish it would burn down.

And the Kindergarten Cop school is a working grade school still. There is just that one exterior wall that we can’t fucking paint.

I blame Arnold.

Kindergarten Cop has contributed in the fight against ignorance…
Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina

Just wait until Ahnuld dies and it becomes a memorial.

That’s just a roomah.

It’s naht a toomah!

We should have a thread where posters phonetically type their favorite Arnold lines. Points could be awarded for best rendering of his accent. (Crikey, HOW long has he lived in the US??)

Of course he could. If you’d let Orson use both hands it might be a fair fight. :slight_smile:

He uses a speech therapist to keep his accent.


I’ll kick us off:

“joo ben eahtin’ ahthah peepuhls’ launches?..STAWP IT!”

Really? How strange.

I’ll forgive a lot in this movie, since it has one of the best lines of the last 30 years:

“You’re not so tough without your car, are ya?”

You say this about the guy that’s Mayor of the land of fruits and nuts?
(and by Mayor, I mean Governator, and by land of fruits and nuts, I mean California)

…Was he undercover at the begining, I thought he was just looking for the guy?
The child abuse aspect had nothing to do with the main plot. Why would they go back to it unless it did? It was a red herring and Arnold’s punching out the dad just served to win over the Principal character.

It just seems like something you don’t want to leave unresolved. Are Zac and his mom still being beaten? I hope not ):

“Om de pohtty poopah…”
The marketing for the movie was terrible - suggesting it was a light fluffy comedy.