Why men are more successful than women in business

After listening to a conversation between several of my coworkers on why there are so few women CEOs, a friend and I came up with several reasons as to why men in general are more successful than women in business. We determined that this is due to several learned behaviors that women exhibit and that society imposes on them.

So here it is…why women are not as successful as men in the business world:
-The idea of a ‘career’ sounds nice until they realize that most work actually sucks

-You usually cannot get a raise by withholding sex.

-An MRS is easier to obtain than an MBA.

-A woman who sits around the house all day watching TV is a ‘housewife’, a man who does the same is ‘lazy’ and ‘shiftless’.

-Most people would rather deal with an actual five-year old than a boss who just acts like one

-Most office conflicts cannot be resolved by shoving a bottle (beer or baby) in the other party’s mouth

-No one ever put in an 80 hour week cleaning the house and cooking dinner

-Any feeling of purpose and self-fulfillment that one receives from earning money is usually offset by the crap you have to go through and put up with to earn it.

-Men can’t get themselves knocked up.

-When you leave a job, you don’t get to keep half the company.

msmith537 - Was this meant for the Pit.

My wife is very high up the corporate ladder in the publishing world. I’m not sure your information is accurate. Or your assertions.

Ok, I re-read your OP. I feel for you…I really do, especially when some of the more outspoken women on the boards read this.

I’m sure my father the homemaker would be shocked to find this out back when I was 7, my sisters were 5 and 3 and my brother was 1. I’m even less sure than Phlospher about your information and assertions.

Oh I remit my first post iampunha. His conclusions are so off base they were not even worth commenting on each.

Wow, you must be fun to work with! :rolleyes:

Most of your assertions are grossly incorrect.

  1. Most women, like men, realize that work sucks. Yet we do it anyway.
  2. Um, so you have to have sex with someone to get a raise? I never have.
  3. What the hell is an MRS? Do you mean getting married and perhaps having the man take care of the woman? That’s absolute bullshit. No woman I know would get married just to have a man take care of her. What kind of women do you and your co-worker know?
  4. All housewives I know work their asses off - frequently far more than 80 hours a week. Especially when they have kids. Having children is like having a full time job plus a dozen part-time jobs.
  5. Wouldn’t you rather deal with an actual five-year old than a boss who acts like one? Few people I know like their bosses and would rather not deal with them - does that mean that all people who don’t like their bosses are women?
  6. Hmmm… Most women I know are actually better at solving office conflicts than men.
  7. Have you ever cleaned up after a lot of children? You can easily spend 80 hours per week cleaning and cooking if you have them.
  8. Ever heard of birth control?
  9. How does leaving a job and getting to keep half the company have anything whatsoever to do with being a man or woman?

Oh, don’t mind the OP. Our resident troglodyte from ca. 1955 is at it again. Do his comments surprise any of us the least bit?

msmith57, are you serious?

I didn’t mean to disparage any of you who actually are from the year 1955. Going by birth date I’m only a few years away from that myself. I’m fairly sure the OP is much younger.

So, msmith537 have you always been this mysoginistic, or is a new thing you’re trying out?


I think he’s always been that way. I also seem to recall that he believes children who are picked on by bullies deserve what they get for being such nerdy little freaks.

This thread is better suited for The Pit.

Cajun Man
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I thought this was meant as a joke. Sorta like “Why dogs are better than men.” I have laughed at those being a man, and I thought that one or two of these were amusing, though I’m not a woman.

Based on the fact that Cajun Man moved this to the Pit, I’m guessing it’s not a joke?!

This is like some lame humor forwarded e-mail, except it’s less funny. Come on, now. I’ve read blonde jokes that were more realistic! What planet do you live on?

Apparently, Mr. Smith needs an education:

Here’s your first assignment:

  1. Read the following
  2. Get a crowbar to get your head out of your ass.



Come on people! This was an obvious joke! It’s so freaking sad when people don’t realize it after the first freaking sentance!

So, often, is a woman. Sure, some folks compliment you on “putting your family first,” as though somehow moms who don’t stay home aren’t–don’t get me started on that one–but no matter how hard one works at home, there’s always the person who works outside the home who implies or actually says that since you stay home you’re (a)stupid, (b) lazy, or © some combination thereof. For instance, they’ll describe staying home as “sitting around the house all day watching TV.”

Neither can most conflicts involving kids.

You don’t have kids, do you. Or else someone else did the majority of the work looking after them.

But at least you’re not generally responsible for feeding, housing, and otherwise caring for the company’s kids.

So what do you use for brains, anyway?

[david attenborough voice]
Now, watch, and you can see the miracle of birth - rarely does one see the lesser email forward in its larval stage, but by the wonders of modern technology we are being given a glimpse into one’s creation. Within days this brood will be a swarm, accreting chevrons like bugs on a windshield as they migrate their ceaseless way across the world wide web…

Aw c’mon, guys. ms mith was clearly joking.


Incidently, in what forum did this thread originally appear?

Why msmith would be an unsuccessful stay at home parent:

In the corporate world, when the shit hits the fan, they never mean that any real shit was involved.

Stock options means “can I stretch this beef roast into both stew and barley soup?”

He thinks 80 hour weeks long (we parents know the “work week” is 24x7 - although you often get to sleep five hours at a stretch).

The refrigerator does not clean itself by having weekly meetings where you assign action items to your four year old and the dog.