Why no Dr. Demento on XM/Sirius

Not him 24/7 of course but one that uses his extensive library with him doing a couple of hours per week.

I have no idea. One would think they would have space available for the Good Doctor on one of their many comedy channels.

But I fear that 12 year old boys don’t make the hardware buying and subscription purchasing decisions for many families, so their desires don’t get taken into consideration by XM/Sirus. Howard Stern is lucky in that his 12 year old boy listeners occupy 30 year old bodies.

You obviously don’t listen regularly to the Stern show. While some of the show is geared toward juvenile behavior much of the show is not.

Before commenting on his show, you might try listening to it for awhile.

Oh, come on! I’m a huge Stern fan, and I can admit that the show is at least 90% juvinille humor. Doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

For one thing, The Good Doctor is not a spring chicken. I first discovered his show when I was an undergrad in 1980. He’s more likely thinking about retirement than about expanding his franchise. I would hope that somebody out there is waiting in the wings to fill his top hat when he does decide to hang it up…TRM

I still daydream about that occasionally. I mean, the man’s metaphorical garage is an absolute gold mine of recorded media. I’d love to try to fill his shoes.

XM ran the Dr. Demento show for a few months when they still had the Special X channel. I wish they had given the Doctor the channel after Lou Brutus left to run the punk channel.

Yeah…I don’t think you really understand how this works. Once you make a point of featuring nudity in your studio, trained farters, and interviews with porn stars, your show IS “juvenile,” even if that’s proportionately a minority of the content.

If the New York Times regularly devoted 2-3 pages to photos of people pooping…yeah, it’s going to the “pooping paper” from then on.