Why no further investigation on Epstein's wealth?

When everything was going down, there seemed to be lots of speculation and conjecture on the source of his wealth. Now it’s crickets…

Outside of Les Wexner, no other known clients have been discovered. It takes a lot of work and effort to market yourself as a money manager, yet most banks claim they never saw Epstein out on the circuit.

$500 million doesn’t just appear from thin air. Why hasn’t an intrepid reporter come up with something?


I’m not seeing how this is a factual question. Moving to IMHO.

Since this isn’t General Questions I’m just going to guess that even if there is an investigation, we’l never hear about it since he’s dead.

His estate is still being sued, isn’t it? Therefore, his money will very much be an issue.

I assume the only reason we’re not hearing anything for the moment is that everybody is regrouping and figuring out the correct procedures for the next steps.

Although if anyone else famous is implicated in the sex ring, I’m sure we’ll hear about that.

I’m really not a conspiracy theory guy, but…

It took 5 weeks after his arrest before his private island known as lollitavile to be checked out. Should have been coordinated to the minute.

Uh huh. Nothing to be seen here. Move along.