Why no Futurama DVD in the US?

I’ve looked around for information on this, but anything I find is anecdotal. So I ask the great minds here: England is enjoying season 1 of Futurama on DVD, so why isn’t it available in the States? I’ve heard something about syndication statutes but I haven’t seen anything substantive. Thanks!

I doubt it is statutory. I figure it is contractual.

Because Fox hates Futurama and doesn’t want to admit that it was a good show and shouldn’t have been cancelled.

One of the heads said at the San Diego Comicon that it will be eventually be released in Region 1.

Basically, Fox does what will make them the most money. They’ve stated that 24 wouldn’t really do well in syndication, so that’s why they’re bringing it out on DVD soon. (They also seem to expect Malcolm in the Middle to fail too, even though it’s a 30-minute sitcom that doesn’t tell a long story over a full season of episodes, The Adventures of Francis nonwithstanding-how else can you explain that the U.S. and Canada get Season One later this year when the successful show is only three years old?)