Why no love for The Next Food Network Star? (6/17)

I posted a thread last week and got one response. I see Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef, but no TNFNS. Hmm. Well, I’m addicted to all these shows.

It’s a bit late in the week, and I can’t remember hardly anything :smack: , but I wasn’t sad to see Colombe go. I like Paul and Adrian, but I think I like Josh’s food the best.

Does anybody watch this food reality show, too?

I watch this show. Sorry, I missed last week’s thread.

I was glad to see Colombe go as well - she seemed like a bit of a flake, especially after that shopping fiasco at the catering challenge.

I do think the judges really like Josh’s food. I like him as well but I think my favorite is Amy, the mom who went to cooking school. I’m not sure why I like her but for some reason, I believe everything she says about food.

Between TNFNS, HK and TC, we need a menu to keep track of everyone!

One question for Food Network - whatever happened to the two guys that won the first series? I saw some sort of party-planning show with them all of once a long time ago, but they seem to have disappeared. Guy Fieri’s “Big Bite” also seems to have been digested, but at least he’s doing the diners show, which seems to be a pretty good fit for him.

Next, a hypothetical question - Duff Goldman. He’s an accidental find from their assorted cake-decorating Challenge programs. How far do you think he’d have gotten if he was a regular contestant on a TNFNS program?

The only problem I have with TNFNS is that the directors of the network seems to be trying to replicate one successful image over and over. Give me the reruns of Two Fat Ladies and Justin Wilson - good cooking but with heavy serving of personality.
Of their newer shows, Duff & Guy are in a class of their own. Seems everyone else is a cookie cutter image.

Don’t get me wrong, FN is still my overall favorite channel but I’d sure would like to see them break out of the rut a little more often.

They still have a show. It comes on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am EST. Not a great time slot, but I end up watching it most Sundays!

I watch it, but it’s more momentum than any other reason. I think the judging is awful and inconsistent - not to mention the judges themselves have zero personality. The tasks are ridiculous - they keep harping on “if you’re on camera, you can’t do this or that” when in reality, it would NEVER happen like that on an actual show - it’s all tested, rehearsed, scripted (to some degree), prepped and ready. And I swear to God, if I hear “culinary point of view” one more time, I’m gonna go Anthony Bourdain on them all.

I do have to say it is probably one of the greatest prizes on reality TV, though - your own show. Nice. Tragically, I’ve found the Hearty Boys and Guy’s Big Bite (which are both still on, from what I can tell) awful, though I absolutely LOVE Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (although Guy needs to work some more adjectives into his conversation - “that is money” only goes so far).

Semantics I know, but I don’t like them implying the winner is going to be a star- they’ll have their own show for a while, and may or may not become a star. Only in the world of porn does everyone automatically get to call themselves a star. :slight_smile: