Why oh why couldn't you have called a month ago?

Why does it happen that when I finally get a job, and get at least semi-established that my dream job calls me up for an interview??

I recently started working at Tim Horton’s (yep I’m your smiling friendly donut selling coffee girl) for a decent wage but extremely odd hours. For me at least. I work graveyard shifts.

Today… not 20 minutes ago I was called by a bookstore. I would love to work in a bookstore. They want me to come in for an interview, but I’m not. Because if I get offered the job I know I’d jump for it even though it would be a pay cut, most likely and less hours.

If they’d called me a month ago when I was looking I would have jumped at the chance. It would be less money but I would love working there. But I commited to this job, and I’m not going to jump ship unless I can’t handle it. And I’ve been handling it well so far.

Gah! whimpers as the 30% book discount slips away from her

The very same thing happened to me when I got the job I’m working now. About a month into this one, I’d finished training, getting settled, when the water department called about my app I had put in the same time for this job. Less pay, less hours, but something for me to put on a resume (I’m a undergraduate geology student). The job I do now has nothing to do with my future plans. But, like you, I didn’t want want to jump ship RIGHT after I started working this job. Why do these things happen???

Timing is everything. I know the feeling… coming around too late.

Go to the interview! There’s nothing wrong with quitting a graveyard shift job to work daylight hours, especially if the bookstore job would make you that much happier.

If you get the bookstore job, give two weeks notice, apologize and explain that you found a better job. People leave jobs all the time for better ones. Life is way too short to not work in a bookstore.

Well said, Giraffe!!

Giraffe is right - definitely go on the interview. It may not work out (you may hate the prospective boss, they may not like you, whatever), then you can comfortably stay where you are. If it does work out, be profesional about giving notice, say this was something you were investigating before you took your current job, and go for it.

My dream job called while I was driving to my first day of corporate orientation for my new job. I sat in the car and deliberated and then did something totally against my cautious nature…I called new job and said I was sorry but my dream job just called. New job was very nice and even called me the next week to see if they could do anything to become dream job.
I still love my dream job.

Sweetie, there is nothing that says you can’t take a job at the bookstore, and still be on good terms with Timmy’s. Of course, give them two weeks’ notice if you can, and work a shift here and there for Tim’s if it will fit into your schedule. Keep your options open, and believe me, a bookstore looks better on your resume than Tim’s, no matter how wonderful it is.

True… except I already told him that I had found a job. That and I really don’t want my father on my case (see my pit rant from the last time he was).

I’m rather liking it at Tim’s, night shift is pretty decent. Not too rushed and I’m getting a decent wage like I said.

Considering I’ll be dropping this job once I get to NAIT (hopefully) I can probably find another bookstore to hire me for after school then. There are plenty of bookstores in this town, one of them is boun to be hiring when I’m looking at some point.