Why, Oh,why, Oh Why

Ok, so business is slow. It is so slow that the ADHD DH has taken to hanging around the house, which drives me absolutely nuts. As if that weren’t enough, my gastroenterolgist is having some tests run on me that are going to set us back about $1300. My mother and the DH both insist on being there. Why can’t they just drop me off then pick me up when it’s over? And no, there is no insurance.

My dad’s Alzheimer seems to be getting worse, which is bad, but then I can’t remember anything either. Get us together and we still can’t remember shit.

The new neighbor is insisting that the work we have done to our yard is causing her yard to flood. Hello! It was a swampland before we did anything, which is why we DID do something, lady! So I am out in the 85 degree heat digging a fucking run-off.

The 4th grader is seriously fucking up in school, and now he and DH think it would be a wonderful time to begin homeschool. And how, pray tell, do they think that is going to happen when the DH calls me every 15 fucking minutes!

The 15 yr. old has refused to take her anti-depression meds and now the therapist wants to seee her twice a month now, at $70 a pop.

On top of that, our eldest(17) needs driving lessons, another $350. Then, on Saturday, she was busted for selling alcohol to a minor. I just got off the phone with an attorney, he’s saying it will cost anywhere from $1000 to $2500! I could just slap the shit out of her, but I know she didn’t do it on purpose. She seems to have had her head up her ass for the past 2 months. She had planned to start college this Fall. How the hell does she expect to pay for it now? I am sure she will get fired from her job over this.
What the hell is going on? I am a nice person, I have not done anything to bring on this bout of bad karma. I just want to live quietly in my little house and putt around in my garden. That’s all. It’s not much to ask. :confused:


An ADHD DH: Edgar Martinez on ritalin.

No, it’s not much to ask, and you will find that if you keep your cool, this will turn around. These things seem to come in waves, and the tide will turn. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, on all fronts.

ADHD is, of course, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s a very popular disorder. DH is “dear or darned hubby”. I used to see that a lot on a site called Moms Online. This

Fire your attorney. I used to be a convience store clerk, and while I never got busted for selling to a minor, I know a few people who did. What they did was when they went to court, they simply pleaded “no contest” paid a $200 fine, some court costs and they were out the door. Yeah, okay, so they’ve got a minor black mark on their record, its one that most people are willing to over-look. Plus, she’s 17 and those things generally roll of their record once they hit 18.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder + Damn (or “Dear”)Husband
Think Robin Williams on speed.
I seriously wondered about what the attorney said. He was recommended by an attorney friend, who quite said the same thing Tuckerfan and others have said.

I know that last sentence gramatically sucks. DH has been talking while I am trying to post. :rolleyes: