Why quit Twitter?

I once worked for a company that banned Dilbert cartoons after someone posted on in a bathroom stall making fun of a recent management decision. The red stapler became a really popular desk accessory shortly thereafter. I don’t think management knew how close they were to the whole placed burning to the ground.


People who need to find out if a celebrity made an off-color joke in 2015

And, well, the news organizations, who use Twitter as a source quite often.

I did too. All cartoons had to come off the cubical walls. Idiotic.

Maybe you folks could have taken up a collection to buy enough red swingline staplers to fill the boss’s office to the ceiling. Would have been epic.

The Times today had an article giving some of the details.

The group responsible for their system architecture was 100 people. It is down to 4. Other groups are seeing similar losses. It looks like 1/3 of the remaining employees resigned. Elon appeared to be calling people to come in and tell him about the Twitter software stack. Which he maybe should have understood before laying off all the people responsible for it.

I’m unaware of what Elon is promising people to work hardcore. I heard about options, maybe.

Rough numbers indicate that Twitter is down to 2,000 employees or less now.

Expenses slashed, payroll minimized! It’s all profit herein, guys!


Profit all the way down!

Something’s trickling down, but it ain’t economolics.

With 2000 employees left, pretty soon they’ll be able to slash their power bills, their network bandwidth bills, and assuming much of it is cloud-hosted on somebody else’s cloud, their cloud bills.

As in “Somebody slap the big red button and let it go dark.”

So, is it time to create a death pool for twitter? Everyone throw in their guess as to what day it will go dark for good?

If so, I’m taking December 7th 2022, at 3:00 PM. (But maybe I’m just optimistic that it’ll last that long)

He is already talking about closing their SF data center. Every new revelation confirms that he understands nothing about tech, let alone social media.

Pearl Harbor Day. I like the symbolism.

I think it will die a lingering, miserable death. I’ll take August 19, 2023, 12 am Pacific Time.

I think it’s going out with a whimper, not a bang. It’ll keep moving along, possibly limping at times, keep running through bankruptcy and then it depends on who picks up the pieces.

OK, now THIS is funny.

God? Crow here!
If you’d be so kind arrange it so that Trump buys Twitter . . . I just want to see the look on Musk’s face when he gets a check that can be cashed in ‘two weeks’!

From how many? (Seriously - I have no idea.)


7,500 is what I keep reading.


That’s impressive.


ETA - thanks for the link.

I agree, but there’s not always an obvious exit from a situation like that; some people hang on in there because they fear the potential adverse outcomes of just quitting - eg: what if you can’t find another job in time; what if you can’t make the mortgage payments; what if you lose the house? Not everyone is equally risk averse and so I suppose in addition to the people who have just up-and-quit from Twitter, there are going to be further people very intensively seeking alternative employment, and likely to quit in the coming weeks and months.