Why the hell do I find Kevin Spacey hot???

I mean, he’s not my usual type…that being Viggo Mortenson and Owen Wilson flutter :wink:

If I didn’t know Kevin Spacey was an actor, I’d swear he was an accountant or something.

Why do I find this man to be a sexy man monkey???



Because he is sexy?

I think it’s the eyes. They do something to me.

His voice, definitely.

He has that intense quietness about him. Still waters…
His eyes make him look slightly dangerous, as if there’s a lot behind them waiting to be unleashed.
He’s intelligent. If he was talking dirty, he’d be able to utilise more than one or two phrases. He’d know exactly what to say.
He walks and moves like he is repressing kinetic energy, a coiled spring. You’d want to be around to experience him releasing it.
And of course, his voice. Imagine his mouth close enough to your ear for that voice to vibrate right down your spine…

Wow. I’m really putting waaay too much thought into this.

Mmmmm yeah, that’s why…

Oh Yeah!

I saw him on Inside the Actor’s Studio (?) on Bravo. He would tell some story or another and start laughing in the middle of telling it. He was just so appealing . . . the way he would start grinning when he was trying to be serious and this musical laugh would burst forth. I can DEFINITELY imagine him whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

He is quietly intense, intelligent, funny, and pretty damn cute.

Mmmmm…Kevin Spacey…

Yeah. What they said! :slight_smile:

Yeah, too bad he bats for the other team :frowning:

Not necessarily, Lola. He’s sexually ambiguous, which for me just adds to his mystery and charm.

Well, if he’s not completely gay, he’s certainly bi. That I know for sure.

And while I agree it adds to his charm, I wouldn’t schtup him.

You like…muscles?

Because of his eerie resemblence to Peter Lorre?

I agree, the voice. Definitely.
Also, it’s like he’s the only one in on a big secret, and his face looks perpetually smug/amused/knowing.
The perfect man - intelligent, humorous, two Oscars. I love him.

I agree with beckwall

Grr…I was trying to preview!

I was going to say: I agree with beckwall. Spacey looks like he has the inside scopp on something–very mischevious and appealing.

I was going to post something about you gals being insane for finding Kevin Spacey hot but then I remembered I’d do Christopher Walken in a heartbeat and changed my mind.

Gorgeous voice, nice smile, very talented = mucho attractive.

Mmmm, Christopher Walken… talk about your great Inside the Actor’s Studio episodes! He can tap dance on my bar anytime!