Why the hell do we have cell phones anyway?

I’m trying to get a hold of my wife right now. My in-between jobs wife, who’s home tending to stuff there. We each have our own cell phone. I leave mine home because they aren’t permitted at work.

Whenever I try to reach her, not just today, I get shifted off to her voice mail. Our phones have a missed call alert when you first open it up, and 9 times out of 10, if I call her in the morning, I can come home from work at 6 or 7, and find the missed call screen on her phone. “Oh, I didn’t know you called.”

The phones are small, extremely portable, and our only means of communication besides e-mail. We have no land line anymore. If you insist on playing solitare or whatever game you’re playing on the computer all day, how about at least checking your e-mails or cell phone in between levels. No one can reach you via Diner Dash or Zuma Ball.


And if she’s fooling around behind my back with one of you Dopers, can you have her call me at work? I got handed sweet hockey tickets for the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Penguins opener tonight, and I want to let her know…

Just needed to vent.

I feel your pain.

I bought my wife her first cell phone 5 years ago, because she drove a POS car, and was breaking down regularly.

I ALWAYS found it in the glovebox, with a dead battery. I’d charge it, give it back to her, and she’d put it in the glovebox. In the entire year, she made 1 call on it.

So I took it, and started using it.

When we renewed the contract, I bought both of us phones. At her new job, she’s seldom at her desk, and rides the bus to/from work. It was a safety device.

She decided it didn’t work well with her wardrobe (no pockets), so she stores it in her locker at work. She carries in her purse other times, and keeps it on vibrate mode because the ring “bothered the other bus passengers”.

We’ve had these phones 2 years, and I’ve managed to call & talk to her on her phone 5 times.

Why did I waste the money???


She wants to know if her and I can use the tickets. Something about you need to clean out the garage or something…

You tell her she was supposed to have that garage that we don’t have cleaned out weeks ago! I’m sick and tired of coming home and not seeing the mess she made in the garage we don’t have. I don’t not have all these nice tools and things so she can just come in and not use them and not leave them lying all over the place. I didn’t not label the drawers for my health, you know.

I’m supposed to pick my high school sophomore daughter up after rehearsal every Tuesday. The arrangement was that she would use the family cell phone to call me at work when she was done, I’d zip down there and run her home, then go back to work.

The first week, she forgot what my work number was, and was forced to beg a ride home from someone.

The second week, in response to my tactful query, she triumphantly announced that she had programmed my work number into the cell phone.

But then…she couldn’t figure out how to access it. And had to beg a ride home from someone.

The third week, she wrote the number on the back of her hand.

Why the hell do we have cell phones anyway?

Oh…um…wrong Casey…sorry. Disregard. But hey if you don’t get a hold of her, that extra ticket???

Slinking away so no one notices…

So, all these people I see weaving all over the road with cellphones stuck in their ears aren’t really talkin’ to anybody? They’re just trying to reach somebody who won’t answer his/her cellphone?

Then, why in hell do we have cellphones?

You know that is about the most pathetic thing i have read in a long time.

My mobile is useless at my house. If I want to talk on it I might be able to get a signal if I go into the back yard. Probably not. Or I can walk or drive down the hill to the beach and I might get a signal. You’d think I could use it in town (Bellingham). Reception is generally okay – except at the one place I’m likely to be. I might get a signal if I walk to the corner (the studio is next to the corner convenience store), but don’t count on it.

If they’re weaving all over the place, maybe they’re in Johnny L.A.'s neighborhood and are trying to catch a signal.

According to Garrison Keillor, the typical cell phone conversation goes like this:

“Hi. I’m (here), I’m headed (there), and I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Yep, that’s me, you’ll find no disagreement here.

I got mine about four years ago after being stuck in a major traffic jam and showing up two hours late for Thanksgiving dinner. :o I’m *still * living that one down…

I really only carry it for emergencies. I’m lucky; I have a discount plan through my employer. Limited minutes, $14/month. At that price I don’t mind having it as insurance, but I can’t justify paying more than that for the few times that I use it.

Mr bus guy must have just left, because my wife just called back after 5 attempts to reach her.

“I had the phone on vibrate.” :rolleyes:

Ok, so now I’m finally understanding why that dorky lookin’ guy on tv is walkin’ around all over the place saying: “Can you hear me now?” I guess the line we don’t here is: "Why the hell do we have cellphones anyway!"

Yeah, same here. I rarely use anywhere close to my minutes. I don’t have a landline either. And truthfully, it’s just about impossible to get ahold of me by phone. If I recognize your number and I feel like talking to you, I might answer. But usually not. I don’t really like talking on the phone. Most people will send me an email if it’s important.

Did she ask you to keep calling her back?

I sometimes get messages on my cellphone from my beloved husband saying “Where are you? Call me back.” And when I call back HIS cell phone, he doesn’t pick up. He’s got the ringer switched off, or the entire bloody PHONE switched off, or he didn’t hear it because it was in his back pocket … if he doesn’t want to talk to me, why did he call?

Heh-heh…yes she did. And thank you for calling. :smiley:

I think the question is not “Why do we have cell phones?” but “Why the hell do THESE people have cell phones?”

No offense, Casey, Eliphalet, Duck Duck Goose, etc., but the people you’re talking about are either not very bright or just inconsiderate.

Come on, now, that’s my wife (got that, bus guy??) you’re talking about. I demand satisfaction.

Pistols at dawn.


This is hilarious.