Why the inconsistent censorship in Ron Jeremy documentary?

Hubby and I rented a DVD documentary on Ron Jeremy last night. As one might expect, there was plenty of nudity and “adult language” in the flick.

What was curious, though, was the nudity was sometimes blurred out, and sometimes not. The f-bomb and other crude language was sometimes bleeped, but more often was not. You did see Ron Jeremy’s famous package, but only twice; it was blurred out the rest of the time (considering how much discussion time was given to it, I found that disappointing!). All boobs were unedited (hooray!), as were all butt appearances. A few times that women’s crotches were visible, they were visible–although they were blurred out once or twice in the film, too (and all shots were from a distance–they weren’t close ups or anything like that).

So…what gives? We’re completely confused why the censorship was so inconsistent.

[sub]Great documentary, btw. Ron Jeremy is an…interesting…fellow.[/sub]

Was this ever showen on TV (any TV station for that matter network, cable, premium). Maybe the censored parts were on TV and you’ve got the uncut version (full lenghth) and they just spliced the rest back in. (Basically, they just edited what they needed to for TV and left the rest alone.)

I’m not sure. But there was an ample amount of untethered, unedited boobies in this DVD, and the vast majority of the “adult” language was left in. It would have been very disjointed and awkward to only have the censored portions on TV.

The producers and interviewers had an English accent, but I don’t know if this was shown in England or made for a different audience. Any UK Dopers have any input on this?

They probably wanted to get an R rating so they had to limit what they could show & how many times they could show it.

There might be an unedited copy around.