Why was Elmwood band?

Just curious.

He’s not. His coustom title is BAND.

Unless something changed!

Just read more carefully. You got me.

What is worse, you have to pay to be band now. :rolleyes:

Because he has a BAND NAME

He is truly a one-man band.

Elm would band.

I was reading Elmwood’s posts back before he was Band. Now he’s gone corporate.

Couldn’t you have Guest?

You should be Band for that.:wink:

Bark beetles.

Banned name!

“The name is BAND. Elmwood BAND.”

This thread is giving me psychotic thoughts.

In which case you should change your username to Exapno Madcase :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, even better, Exapno Headcase.

How do you spell that in Cyrillic?

Ексапно хедкес?

I don’t know about the Headcase, but the Exapno’s way off.

You need to think like Harpo. Not everybody can do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Harpo! I should have known. :smack:

In that case (head or map, your pick), perhaps “харпо неадкс” would be more appropriate. I am not sure how one would actually pronounce that, though. Neadks? Neadix? Throatwarbler mangrove?