Why was this GD thread locked? -- Arbery Shooting in Georgia and Citizen’s Arrest [& similar shootings]

The thread was a little old but there was new news relevant to the thread that happened today (sentencing).

Nothing seemed bad or contentious about the thread and, with the recent news, the thread was relevant again. I am curious why it was closed.

It was a controversial zombie awakened by mistake.

It was only a month old (from the last post before revival) and, as mentioned, there was news released today which was relevant to that thread.

Is there another thread more appropriate if we want to discuss today’s news? I looked (but admittedly not very hard).

Just start a breaking news one in MPSIMS if you like.

It was my fault. I was looking for the most recent thread to post the sentencing information in and missed this one.

Lively discussion there about today’s sentencing.