Why was this IMHO thread closed?

Do the Clintons Sleep Together?

Seems odd that it was closed. There were a number of people that seemed offended by the thread, but that’s never been a reason for a thread to be closed. As far as I know, the Clintons aren’t posters here, and they are public figures.

The admin that closed it, seem to question the location of such a thread and just closed it. It’s location (IMHO) seemed appropriate to me as the OP was seeking opinions. At worst it could have been shuffled off to the Pit, but it seemed fine where it was, and no need to be closed. But what the hell, I’m not an admin, so just looking for clarification.

I had a feeling this question was going to pop up here; the closing didn’t surprise me much either. I don’t think it was a bad OP and a couple of us had good thoughtful replies but the majority response really looked like a train wreck waiting for a place to happen and bannings and warnings to come as people got more heated in their responses. I don’t know that anyone has ever admitted it but I think sometimes Mods close things to protect us from ourselves - right or wrong. I more expected a move to the Pit but seeing the lock appear I can live with.

This question has been/is already being discussed in this thread, starting at post #12.

First. I think closing that thread was bogus.

Secondly, it sure looks like a left wing bias here in doing so.

Third, I don’t have my panties in a bunch about it and am not about to get into a debate/pissing match about the whole thing.

Finally…bogus again…said my piece…one and done.

Moderator Action

No need to have two threads discussing the same thing, so I will close this one and direct further comments to the other thread.

Thread closed.