"Why" was this "moved"?

I’m pretty new still, so I guess I don’t know the ins and outs yet. Could someone tell me why this thread was moved?

And to clarify, I’m mainly confused because a pitting on a similar topic (English issues) remained in the Pit…?

Lately, they’ve been moving threads out of the pit that aren’t… I don’t know, angry enough. I think they think mild pittings are better off in MPSIMS.

This I might understand, but why, then, is the “lose/loose” thread okay to stay?

And as for the other thread (the “loose/lose” one), I’m not sure. They’re not always a hundred percent consistent (they’re only human after all). Also, there might have been a lot of profanity in the other thread which might have made them think twice about moving it to MPSIMS, though I didn’t read the other thread, so I don’t know.

/shrug How silly.

Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

(Bolding mine–sc)

That could be your first misconception. :slight_smile:

Human vs. non-human – misconception – heh.

does not compute