Why was Wildest Bill Banned

What exactly is being ban. Why and what for. Are they ban forever in cyberspace or can they come back and make us laugh again?


So trolling was his only offense? I didn’t realize that was such a serious infraction. I am working with the Mods to better understand that “rule” and others. I don’t want to get banned.

I guess WBill was trolling in the GQ forum, which is probably the worst place to make that mistake. I guess he ignored repeated warnings, too.

This isn’t the right forum in which to question the wisdom of the moderators in their decision to ban WB, but since we’re in IMHO, here’s my opinion on why he was banned:

He started a whole series of threads which went:
Since [Insert description of atrocity] has been done to us by [insert possibly inaccurate and possibly racist label], shouldn’t we feel justified in doing [perhaps the same atrocity, or maybe something uniquely cruel] to [insert name of group, not necessarily those responsible for original atrocity]?

Despite the choruses of dissent, he kept on asking the same question again and again, just with different parameters in the gaps.

Shame he had to go; I don’t think he was deliberately trying to inflame, just being resistant to reason.

I must admit that I looked forward to Wildest Bill’s latest harebrained idea in much the same way as I look at the aftermath of a multiple car crash on the interstate–Wildest Bill would set his phaser for overload. I believe he enjoyed all of the attention he got; good or bad. Wildest Bill was very entertaining and I got a great deal of satisfaction knowing that next to WB, I didn’t have to exert my brain too much. I miss Bill, in a sick sort of way; I thought he was harmless and quite amusing. I understand the other Dopers feelings, but there is such a thing as not taking Bill seriously and just ignoring him when he goes too far. JMHO.

This is already being discussed in the BBQ Pit, so I’m locking this off.