Why wash T-shirts more than pants?

Why is it that T-shirts seem to be washed more often than pants? My own mother avoids it till the very last second to do them. I would do them but she doesnt want me to… Any similar experiences?

I’ll wear a pair of jeans for two or three days before I wash them. They don’t show dirt as much, for one thing, and the really filthy parts of your body have intervening cloth (yer unnerwear, 'cept for deves like Satan) that t-shirts don’t have. Wash your knickers after each use, not your pants pants.

Btw… the abrasion during machine washing accounts for something like 75% of the wear clothes experience in their lifetime.

I wash my shirts more than my pants for one reason: nobody notices if you wear the same pair of jeans two days in a row. Jeans are jeans are jeans. But wear the same shirt twice, and they’ll be talking for weeks. Otherwise, I don’t think that clothes really get dirty enough to wash after only one wearing. But maybe that’s because I have to pay $1.50 a load.


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counterattackii, why don’t you ask her?

Reminds me of this story. A girl asked her mother why she cut off both sides of the ham before cooking it. Mother asked grandmother why she did that & grandmother asked great grandmother why, & great grandmother said because the pan was too small.

Hee hee hee. I have rrrreeeeeeally stiiiiiinky armpits, so the stench which results if I try to wear a shirt more than once can kill a regulation-size billy goat (don’t ask) at fifty paces. (yes, I wear deodorant & bathe daily, I’m just naturally rrreeeeeeeally stiiiiiiinky.) On the other hand, my pants & skirts are only noticeably dirty if I spill something on them (& maybe not even then, since much of my wardrobe is black.)

Don’t even ask about socks.

Stella: um… ew.