Why were Pedro and Onil Castro Arrested?

A short time ago, Onil and Pedro Castro were freed, and their brother was charged with kidnapping and rape. Do we know why Pedro and Onil were arrested in the first place? The stories only seem to report what they were suspected of, but not why they were suspected of it.

It sounds to me like they had some reason to suspect them, but now they don’t. They do, however, have outstanding misdemeanor warrants and will be charged with those.

I said as much in the OP.

They may not yet have the evidence they need to arrest them. Just being related to a criminal is not probable cause. Arrests may still follow.

Let’s hear what the captive women have to say.

i think they had been seen frequently at the house.

The news on the radio mentioned neighbor reports of three men leading naked women around on leashes in the back yard. That doesn’t prove it was them, but between that, the family relationship it was enough to bring them in for questioning.

and that went uninvestigated? :rolleyes:

That is actually completely legal. Do you want the cops coming to investigate your sexual kinks performed on your private property? (And yes I am horrified that the women went through that, if they did)

tv news is reporting that victim interviews that it never happened to them.

They each had outstanding warrants. (cite)

It seems so darn obvious. Show these women pictures of the brothers. “Have you seen these men in the house?” “Did they feed you, tie you up or hurt you?”

Why they didn’t do that before arresting innocent men is beyond me. They may have a really good civil case against the news media. Their faces were plastered everywhere, unshaven, hair a mess and looking like thugs. Being associated with a major crime like this can destroy someones life.

They have. The women have been extremely forthcoming. If there were eyewitness testimony, these men would be charged.

A civil case for what exactly, reporting that the men were arrested? For not allowing them to comb their hair before their mugshot?

They’re associated with the crime because they’re the brothers of the kidnapper, not because of the “news media.”

Seems like indecent exposure at least. And actually I do think it would be fine, even aside from an indecent exposure charge, for police to check up on something like that. Just as if I heard screaming coming from next door, I’d think it’d be okay to call the police and for the police to check up on it even if it turns out the screaming was the result of some consensual fun activity.

It doesn’t matter in this case because it didn’t happen. The facts about what did happen are coming out, and it’s much worse than naked people in a yard.

As post 11 indicates, they had warrants. I live in Ohio and was listening to the Cleveland news, the spokesman for the police said they were the subjects of an investigatory detention, I am assuming a traffic stop (?) an they were all run on the computer.

To transport a person to a police station against thier will requires probable cause, NOT suspicion. Although they say “he was arrested for suspicion of such and such”, that is simply phraseology.

There is no such thing in this country as being “arrested for questioning/investigative detention”, if Probabale Cause does not exist, they can not be forcibly taken in.

No, ohio’s indecent exposure statute states that;
2907.09 Public indecency.

(A) No person shall recklessly do any of the following, under circumstances in which the person’s conduct is likely to be viewed by and affront others who are in the person’s physical proximity and who are not members of the person’s household:

If they were seen naked outside, that complies with the above.

The poster meant that side by sideing thier pictures when they were not arrested for the girls case “may” cast them in a “false light” for defamation purposes.

That would take a skilled 1st AM lawyer to research, as the media enjoy strong protection themselves.

If I’m not mistaken, a person can be held for 72 hours ‘just because’. You can equate ‘just because’ with just about anything, under the sun.

There’s an old saying, “You might beat the ‘rap’, but you can’t beat the ride.”