Why will 4/5 of this worlds population die soon?

We are facing the ultimate war, and it will come.
None are so foolish as to think we can nuke-um and get away with it.


Hah! They’ll never be able to break through our impenetrable ion shields!

I’m wearing my tin foil hat. It’ll keep me safe for sure!

All of those who spam the SDMB will be dead!!

See ya Job!

Only albinos will deflect the albedo…Edgar Winter will be followed by Nucular Winter…or some equally sinister non-sequitur…

If none are so foolish as to think we can nuke-um and get away with it, then none are so foolish as to nuke-um to begin with, thus the “ultimate war” will not come.

Man, defeated by your own logic. That’s never any fun.

I for one welcome our new ant overlords.

No! He’s telling them the plan! Seize him you fools!

Are you kidding, the Japanese are invading you guys through affordable quality consumer products! And their shifty, efficient ways.

At least when the bombs start raining down, I’ll be safe and snug in NZ. Maybe I charter a flight over there and claim Idaho once the radation clears. I hear they had potatos.

I bow to your stunning use of language and impeccable logic. You, sir or madam, truly are a great debater, perhaps even the king of debaters. I eagerly await your treatise on the UFO conspiracy.

don’t you see mister president its a commie trick!!

yee haaaa!

Didn’t you try this last week Iyyob?

Why yes, yes he did. He’s also told us that a 1950 Reader’s Digest article validated the Biblical prohibitions on eating pork, and that if we’d just teach our kids basic ethics that there’d be world peace.

Ya know, Iyyob God sent tribulations to Job. You’re going out of your way to find them. Big difference. God doesn’t reward you for willfully suffering your own…

Looks like someone just finished reading A Canticle for Leibowitz.

After looking over your post history here, I’m impressed that you could get through a book with so many big words in it.

Ooh! Oooh! My turn. “Cause they’re old?”

Maybe he had A Canticle for Leibowitz for Dummies.

The ultimate war? Shit. Not again. I’m going to need batteries.


Well, for a value of “soon” beginning today and spanning between 60 and 100 years hereafter, you can be pretty sure of an 80% turnover just from random chance.

If you have to use a Cliff’s Notes, you deserve to get zapped into “negative twists of nothingness” by the Bomb.

(BTW, gotta say it… for religiously-themed postapocalyptic lit, can’t beat ol’ Leibowitz. “Left Behind”, my left behind…)

… though of course it may be because of Second Impact (though it’s, what, 2 years late?)
(OK, I’m a geek. Sue me)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be fine. The rest of you are probably fucked though.