Why Xploder Should NOT Be Allowed To Go To The Grocery Store Alone

So. I talk to my wife and ask her what she might want for dinner. She replies, easy, Steak and Fries. Simple request right? Not for me.

I go to the store and spend $140 on 22 packages of steak. That’s right twnety-two packages of steak. Six different kinds of steak.

At least I remembered to get the steak fries.

Pathetic huh?

I wish my wife could be as explicit as yours - I often ask “What do you want to eat tonight?” to have her say “Food” - when I ask her to be more specific, she says “Hot Food” :rolleyes:

Gotta love her :wink:


Six different kinds out of 22 breaks down to less than four of each. And heck, four steaks is totally reasonable!

one of the few advantages of living on your own is that if you go to the shops for the fundementals of life (milk, bread, sugar, eggs, pasta etc.) but come back with only the less-than-fundementals (rhubarb crumble, dennis the menace fairy cake mix, a case of kronenbourg, rich tea fingers etc.)…

…there is no one around to complain or give you that “what are you?! 12 years old??” speech :smiley:

I need a beer…will you go to the store and get me one, Xploder?

Har-de-har-har…I went to the store YESTERDAY to get a six pack.

I bought three eighteen packs instead…sigh…someone need to take away my money card or something.

Hmmmm…do you work for the government?

Sounds like you need to host a barbecue, dude.

I hope you have a big freezer


Unplumbed depths of drool pool ahead!


Actually, I have two freezers. :cool:

I get this too. So I respond by saying I’m making lamb chops (which she doesn’t like). Then I start getting suggestions.

Why the hell did you buy 22 packages of steak?

And thanks, **QED{/b] for the giggle…

Hey, I’ve got half a cow in the deep freeze. FOAF grows organic cattle; we just picked our order up a month or so ago. Turns out to be about $4 a pound for some of the best beef you can buy.

'course, you have to buy about 100 pounds at a time…

Lucky you! One instant oatmeal, comin’ up!

B (fiancee)/her mom: “What do you want to have for dinner?”

Me: “Food.”

B/M: “What kind?”

Me: “Edible.”

B/M: “Good grief. Just tell me something you want.”

Me: “I’ll eat whatever you make unless it’s one of three foods you know I don’t like.”

It’s very simple. I eat most anything.

Very good idea. 22 steaks and 54 beers is a recipe for a good time.

No, no, no, no, no…

Twenty two packages of steak…either two or four steaks in each package.

Therefore, I have (since I just went and counted), fifty six steaks.

And fifty four beers too of course. Looks like it might be time to go back for some more beer…

Xploder, you are a MANS MAN!

If I had the cash and the space I would do stuff like this ALL the time. Personally I find nothing funnier than going shopping at CostCo.

“yes I would like the small container of mayonaise”

“ok so that would be the 20 gallon size?”

-x out

Well, I did spend over $1200 last month at the grocery store. Then again, they had a case sale so I bought a LOT of cases of stuff…you know, the essentials. Apple juice, beef stew, tuna, condensed soup, ramen soup, cereal, toilet paper, paper towels (otherwise knows as napkins around here), ravioli, potato chips, pop-tarts, veggies, and that’s just the stuff I put here in my computer room cause there wasn’t any more room in my kitchen cupboards.

But hey! Now I get 20% off of the grocery bill of my choice next month! Unfortunately, it starts tomorrow so I didn’t save squat today.