Answer that and i will be suprised :smiley:

Whatever!!! Just don’t screw up my life with your wicked stupid ideas!

Why not?


… did you steal MY topic?

Yer pal,

my momma said so


Sorry…math exam is in 14 hours.


When I grow up, I want to be the Minister of Silly Walks.

singing “because we LOVE you”

**bigred1 walks off wearing her Mickey Mouse ears and oooooh so fashionable sweater.


I disagree.

I knew you would

…ask why? Drink Bud Dry.

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

Guess you knew I had on my Thursday panties too.

Originally posted by Scylla:

You got it right! now if anyone else has another option go ahed and post it. :smiley:

cuz the Bible tells me so, silly!

† Jon †
Phillipians 4:13

…in hell are we doing again?

Hell is like that, kind of oscilla Hell is like that, kind of osc is like that, kind of oscillatory Hell is like that, kind of osci like that Hell is kind of like that kind of oscillatory.