WhyNot - how are you and your baby doing?

Hello WhyNot - A while back I followed your thread about your very early baby with interest, especially since I was pregnant at the time. Just wondering how you and your daughter are doing these days?


Okay, just one bump in case she is like me and usually only has time to read the first page of a Forum …

Oops! Sorry about that, folks! I must have missed this one. (I normally search by New Posts, and these days hardly get to page 3 of that search, so I’m afraid I miss a lot!)

Anyhow, she’s great and wonderful and healthy. I’ll post a full update in a few days when she turns ONE!!!

(Hopefully I’ll get off my butt…or…er…on my butt, to be more precise… and upload more pictures by that point, as well.)

Soon to be updated photo link.

Wait a minute … she’s almost 1!!! Where did the time go?

(I will admit that while I read your original thread, I kind of skipped parts of it because I was pregnant at the time and found it all a little scary, inspirational but scary).

I am so glad she is doing so well - she is friggin’ adorable and I hope to see new pics soon!


I’m confused. is that 1 as in birth age or 1 as in arrival date?
(if you follow that…)

Either way–she is cute as can be!

One as in, her c-sectioned arrival to the world was on Feb 9, 2005.

And yeah, my husband suggested last night that “birthday” wasn’t quite the right word for it, until I gave him the :dubious: face and suggested that he might not want to demean tens of thousands of women’s experiences by suggesting emergency c-sections aren’t “birth”! :smiley:

We’ll have some sort of happy happy event on June 2, the anniversary of her due date, but Thursday is definitely her birthday.

She’s just beautiful. Congrats to all of you on the happiest ending, or rather beginning, ever.


Album 8 is great!

Picture DSC01374 from Album 7 still scares me as it loads “Let there be… EYES!”

She is such a wee widdle darling! Who’s da cutest widdle Doper baby!?

even Cailleigh will be projectile vomiting to hear me!