WI: Marvel villains get the Infinity Gems?

Somehow the Infinity Gems end up in the hands of six different 616 Marvel villains.

Which six villains would you choose for an event like this and why?

Whichever villains you choose how do you think the heroes would fare against them?

My example:

Power: Leader

Soul: Baron Mordo

Reality: Flag Smasher

Space: Bullseye

Mind: Purple Man

Time: Omega Red

And by “WI” you mean “What If”, right? Because it’s true with all 6 Infinity Stones you could have a pretty good time in Green Bay.

Shoot, with all that stuff a feller could have a pretty good time in Sheboygan.


Nobody has a good time in Sheboygan.

Power: Madcap


Reality: Mojo

Space: Stilt Man

Mind: Doctor Bong

Time: Paste-Pot Pete

They would be defeated by a team-up of Power Pack, The New Mutants (classic roster, but led by Magik and Lockheed) plus a late but critical appearance by Squirrel Girl.

I thought the whole point of the Infinity Stones was that one villain needed all of them. And they’d have to be pretty powerful in the first place. I think any one of them would kill Bullseye immediately.

If Squirrel Girl had been ìn the MCU, Infinity War would have lasted 20 minutes.

Put me down for Mysterio!

Bah. You guys are thinking too small.

Power: Vapora

Soul: Dr. Mobius

Reality: Swiss Miss

Space: Rachael Lang

Mind: General Miguel

Time: The Jeweler