Wiccan/New Age Stuff and Dildos... What's the connection?

A few days ago at work I was hanging out in the break room with our three resident practitioners of Wiccan/New Age stuff. They were flipping through a catalog that featured your usual and expected assortment of healing crystals, herbs, spell books, incense, and medieval weaponry.

Then there was the pages and pages of dildos and vibrators…

Does anyone know what this catalog was called? And what is the connection between dildos and New Age spiritualism?

I need to understand this and with the thread about Yanni adn his New Age music near the top I figured now was a good a time as any.

96 views and no theory? I’m shocked.

I think it is a statement about feminine power, reclaiming the power of their sexuality. More than likely it’s just a good business and marketing strategy, the right demographic for Dildo consumption. I’ll bet the owner is a Pagan Feminist.

Maybe Wiccan girls like to have fun?

If I was to propose a theory, perhaps the catalogue company is diversifying. A local auto parts chain, in a recent catalogue has everything from auto parts, tile saws, and network cabling. What do those have to do with each other?

I thought of that, as the two girls in this group will often go into great detail about all the “fun” they’re having. GREAT detail.

But I don’t know, I saw at least four pages of dildos/vibrators and that just seems excessive for a small mailer catalog.

the sex toys bring the money in & enable them to stay in business to sell the Wiccan & New Age stuff

Maybe you need to let a few hints drop that yours is nicknamed “the maypole” and see if they’re interested. :smiley:

My WAG would be that they were perusing a catalogue called “The Pyramid Collection,” (http://www.pyramidcollection.com) which is a smattering of items related to “personal growth and exploration.” While there certainly is a selection of Wicca-related items, they also offer belly-dancing garb, nude yoga vidoes, comfy PJs, and an elfen princess puzzle. I don’t think they’re making a strong connection between all the items in their catalogue, however.

this is definately a topic that could use some more probing

In most pagan religions sexuality is sacred.

I say this with a straight face.

These items are as spiritual as any of the others in the catalog.

I believe there are some straps that go around the thighs and waist. That’s the connection.


Ooooh, they’ve got some cute clothes in there!

Well, I’m not familiar with Wicca in detail, but I do know that it finds sources of power in the natural world.

And it’s a pretty common principle of magic that if you can capture a potent symbol of power, then it may be possible to channel some of that power thru the symbol…

See where I’m going yet?

No? OK, for the dense:

The phallus is the seat of the male power. Most men identify with their whangers more than with any other specific part. Thus, wiccans believe that they somehow capture or channel the power of the penis thru its representations, whether models, drawings, or even symbols.

Now, as to why there are so many… well, an honest alchemst has to make a living somehow these days. They’re probably their biggest selling items.

I love Pyramid Collection! We get the catalog here at home about once a month, and I’ve gotten some great stuff: Purple crushed taffeta cape, hair stick pins, and great amber jewelry. I’ve never purchased any of their…ahem…sexual items, though.

We have our Passion Parties consultant for that!:smiley:


Oh!, and http://online.passionparties.com/abby/

There’s also a wiccan/new-age lady that markets the Velvet Vulva – a line of purses whose opening resembles a vagina.

(Warning: the above linked-to page has sound.)

And what could be more symbolic of nature than a 12" neon green transluscent schlong made out of synthetic rubber? :smiley:

It’s all about the broomsticks.

“Damn! The cap came off my nail polish! My vulva is ruined!”

“Quick! Turn the car around! I left my vulva at home!”
“Do you have the movie tickets?”
“Yah. Do you have the candy?”
“Yep. It’s in my vulva.”

:eek: :eek: Did you read the description about the hat?


The best part of the target website:

"The Velvet Vulva Toy Bag
is meant to house those mechanical devices some use to worship at the altar of our bodies. (They can also hold other things.)
This is a brand new, very promising design, with nice FULL inner lips! "

Note the reference that quite probably answers the question posed at the begnning of the thread. Dildos are used to “worship at the altar of our bodies.”