Wierd ass fears

What are your weirdest fears?

[ul][li]I cannot sleep with my feet uncovered. With your feet uncovered, you have no protection against monsters. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve KNOWN the mosters can’t get me if my feet are covered. Ever since then, I MUST have them covered.[/li][li]I cannot go barefoot if I’m going to press my foot against anything other than the ground. Otherwise, my tendons might snap. Or a bad man might have a razor and cut them. Nothing to endanger my tendons. Ughh! Gives me the chills just thinking about it.[/li][li]Jeana is afraid of werewolves. Always has been. She’s somewhat afraid of vampires.[/li][li]I was freaked out by Sixth Sense. I kept expecting to wake up in the middle of the night and see someone. Shit. I’m trying not to look into the kitchen right now, because I just KNOW I’ll see someone. My house is 90 odd years old. I live in the attic. Go figure.[/li][li]I can’t leave the door unlocked while peeing. Someone might walk in![/li][li]Always turn the fan on to uh… y’know. #2. Can NOT have anyone hear me doing that. Farting, hell yeah. The actual duty… no way.[/ul][/li]Thats just my weird stuff. Anyone else care to share?


We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.

Reckon this should be in MPSIMS?


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As a matter of fact, there is/was a thread on almost this same thing, called Paranoia (I think), although I can’t find it right now.


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Do You Have Any Interesting Phobias?

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One of my wildest fears is I’m trapped in MPSIMS with my feet uncovered - and those wraiths set upon me like ducks and nibble my toes. :wink:

My fear is that someone will find out where I live by checking the sdmb somehow,show up at my door,and say"Hi,I’m a troll!"

I never use the “trough” at a public men’s room. Nothing wrong with me, I just like a little privacy when I’m pissing.

I sometimes I fear that a blood vessle is goinng to burst in my brain. Any time I get a headache, I get a little nervous.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Hmm stupid software transferred, but didn’t close it…

Ever since I saw the movie Pet Semetary, I’ve had an irrational fear of having someone slice through the back of my ankles. Urban Legend reinforced that wonderfully.

Turn on the fan? Ha! Turn on the fan and run the water in the TUB. I will probably do this til the day I die (sink at the very least).

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alligators really creep me out.

even a photo of an alligator , if its as large or larger than life size, makes me nervous.

Watch C#3 add a photo of a gator to his sig line, now…

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In the 1980 (i think) edition of the Guinness Book of Records, i had to stick two pages together because one of them showed a man with a ‘beard of bees’…it still freaks me out to imagine it now.

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When riding an airplane, I’m not so much afraid of it crashing as I am terrified that someone is going to manage to open the door and we’ll all be sucked out and thrown into the sky somewhere over the Atlantic. I also never let my little boy sit in the window seat for fear that he might somehow break it open and be sucked out before I can grab his little feet. I’m sure they lock the doors and use some special unbreakable material for the windows, but I just can’t get it out of my mind.

I’m also scared of heights and bridges, but those are perfectly normal and justified fears. :slight_smile:

I’ve always been scared of garbage trucks. I don’t have any idea why, but I hate walking down the alley because I’m afraid that a garbage truck will come rambling through and kill me.
Hamsters also bother me a lot. I’m not scared by rodents or anything, just hamsters.
I don’t like going down my stairs at night. They have little spaces between the steps and I’m always afraid that someone is gonna grab my ankles and make me fall down the stairs and crack my head open on the marble tile.

Toasters they are creepy.

I have a nagging fear that something around me is going to suddenly blow up.

I fear post-Football-game traffic.

Not to inject a note of seriousness into an otherwise mundane pointless thread, but )I don’t fear garbage trucks, but I have an acquaintance who was killed by one.

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One of my friends when I was younger, his dad was riding in a golf cart that was being run down by a runaway garbage truck. When he jumped out to avoid being run over, the truck suddenly swerved to the side he jumped out of, and he was run over anyway. His widow married his best friend. Just thought I’d share. It’s all perfectly true.


We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.

Space junk and planes falling from the sky and crashing through the roof into the bedroom.

I saw a movie a long time ago, I don’t know the name, but there was a woman in bed and a plane crashed into the house. I have this image emblazoned in my mind: a wing sticking through the ceiling of a bedroom from the point of view of lying in the bed.

It figures the Navy sticks me on an aircraft carrier where planes land on the roof 'round the clock…

::shudders and heads to berthing::

Okay, if we’re going for gross-outs, a friend told me this once and it makes me shiver every time I think of it.

So I should stop thinking of it, I guess. Oh well.

Anyway, he said that a friend of his Dad’s was on his farm, he got off his tractor and was fixing some trailer or something, when the tractor (which was idling, engine on) suddenly started to back up - the accellerator was depressed somehow. It knocked the guy over and ran over his legs.

But then it got it’s front wheels jammed in the mud, and the back wheel on his leg kept turning and turning in place.


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