Wierd occurrence of hatred/prejudism from the attack.... (SCA related!)

Local SCAdians have reported threats due to a website where people posted information about their personnas.

It seems that an SCA website in Trimaris had profiles of local members, some of which had Middle Eastern personnas. And have had for years. These are your “normal” average everyday people who have received death threats, mainly via email.

Maybe I should have thrown this in the Pit, but with the other SCA thread in play right now, I thought it might get more airtime here.

I know people are angry, but damn. Wake UP!

Somebody posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek question to our local principality’s list asking if we needed heightened security at SCA events due to the number of people with Middle Easter personae. Not because these people were in need of protection–because they might be terrorists.

Okay, so it wasn’t “somewhat” tongue-in-cheek.

People took him very, very seriously.

It’s not just the people OUTSIDE the SCA that need to wake up.

Ya know, I was wondering if I should keep my eye out for my dear Uncle Rashid, my SCA mentor who used to have an Italian Ren persona but changed it to Persian quite a few years ago. He regularly attends events in robes and a turban, and sometimes even does the makeup for effect.

Thankfully he’s such a stalwart in the barony that everyone knows him and there wouldn’t be any problems, but I guess this means no more trips into Mundania in garb. :frowning:


No kidding. THAT was almost tatamount to yelling “FIRE” in a movie theater.

Ummm. Well, maybe people will actually start to think before they speak or act in the future. Here’s to hoping. *<;o)


Now taking siggestions.

Esprix snuck in between us. Naughty naughty.


My favorite garb is actually Knight Templar. Maybe “I” should take care in my travels to mundania as well…

Did you see my prior post about the rednecks in the backwoods of Florida that mistook me for a Klan member in that outfit?


Vidi Vici Veni!

You’re kidding?!
You, my friend, are no Klan member.


I’m guessing my buddy Abdul won’t be out in garb either. His includes not only gorgeous robes (although I don’t recall seeing him in a turban), but a real sword (~ 4 1/2 feet long) and scimitar.

He’s enough to startle mundanes at the best of times; I think he’d be likely to get very hurt right now. :frowning:

Well, it happened kind of like this:

I was attending Crown Lyst at Camp Lanoche (read “middle of the sticks” for you non-Trimarians) a year ago this month.

I was hanging out with Morgan Bloodaxe and crew, when the unthinkable happened! We ran OUT of beer! Egads!

Being the generous-type soul that I am, I volunteered to go on a beer run at 10PM. Along with Lord Morgan and some gentle that I did not know.

We traveled along for quite a ways, because the local store was closed. After 20 minutes or so, we found this DIVE of a mom~n~pop convenience store, with pickups being the only denizens of the parking lot, other than the occasional shirtless beer swiller. We all looked at each other, then said “WHAT THE HELL”. I was bringing up the rear of the caravan as our party entered the store, and was greeted by someone yelling something about his “Klan Brother”. Not instantly realizing that I was his long lost sibling, I looked over and nodded in his general direction. THEN it hit me. OH SHIT.

I decided discretion was the better part of staying alive, so I made a beeline for the beer cooler. Just as I open that hand smudged glass door, this gentleman yells “Anything my brother wants tonight is on me”. I look at Morgan, and he at me. He nods. So I hand him out another case, and we make our way to the checkout queue. We get politely in the back of the line, just about the time this guy is checking out. He yells again "I was SERIOUS! So, resigning myself to the invevitable, I walk up to the front of the line, and drop our purchases alongside his. Now, the person running the register was FUNNY! He was obviously Hindi. He looked me in the eyes, and I could tell from his expression that he just KNEW exactly what was going on. I smiled at him, and gave a slight shake of my head. He smiled even more broadly at that, and continued to ring up our beer, and our benefactors Skoal and pork rinds.

Meanwhile, this guy now has me cornered. Asks questions like “Are you meeting around here?” and “Where are you from?”. I give him some seriously noncommital answers, then he asked did I know this person or that person. I said no, don’t think that I have heard of them. He then proceeds to take a card out of his wallet. Asks me if I know THIS guy. Turns out it was the BUSINESS CARD of the grand dragon high poobah somebody or other. Being dodgy, I said that I think I was familiar with that name. Meanwhile, I am sweating bullets.

Finally the interrogation ends, and we are leaving the store. Just as we are exiting, he leans over and says “Don’t y’all hang TOO many N****** tonight now.”

At that point, we just made our way to the car and hauled butt back to camp. Whew. Gawd, it was nice being back in civilization again.




I know a Turkish fellow who runs a gas station. A very sweet fellow, fine wife & children etc. These days he has taken to wearing a “Proud to be an American” T-shirt every day, and his wife replaced her traditional headcovering with a baseball cap. Not that there’s anything wrong with this mode of dress, but I would bet that they feel pressured to do this or face the righteous wrath of the masses. Sad.

My brother went into the bank the other day & was told by the teller “it’s all the fault of you people (Jews) that these things are happening - you should all go back home”. I have heard of other people encountering similar sentiments.

One of my numerous sisters, who goes by Aziza Sa’id when in garb, and her husband, a former US spec-ops man who also has a Persian identity when in garb, are now going to have to seriously rearrange their habits. Sis and her hubby were wed in garb last year at Pennsic, and she dances for many mid-east and Greek restaurants during the week. It’s a crying shame think that these two vital, fun people are going to have to become more mundane. (And no, despite the look, she’s actually Scots-Norwegian)

Oops, my mistake. The wedding was at Western War.

Oicu812 - is that the right mail for you? The missive just bounced back.

I’ll check this Monday - heading out to Scriptorium in a copuple of minutes.

In the rain. Damn damn damn.

Not completely off topic but my friends and I are involved in cowboy action shooting. We dress as late 1800s types and compete with era sixguns, rifles and shotguns. Think of it as SCA with live ammunition. A friend decided to do a shoot last month dresses as Haj Ali, AKA “Hi Jolly”, a Syrian recruited by the army to work with the experimental camel program in Arizona. His costume was somewhat makeshift being made for sheets and a bungee cord wrapped around his head but he looked like a proper bedouin. The costume was perfect for August Arizona heat but he won’t be wearing it anytime soon.

And I hope your Jew of a brother got this teller’s ignorant ass fired for such a bigoted, inappropriate comment. (Better yet, go tell everyone you know not to bank there - imagine if the Evil Jewish Money Cartel told all its members not to bank there; the place would fold in a week, since we all know that Jews control all the money in the world. :slight_smile: )


Sorry! Brainfarts and updating your email addy don’t mix. It is correct now…


Regarding the OP…

You know, I was wondering when all of that stuff happened last week if SCAdian Middle Eastern personae were gonna be problematic in the near future.

What a shame to discover that it is indeed the case, apparently. How silly and sad!

Ugly times, ugly reactions.

Tranquilis, I saw your new brother-in-law on the wedding site. You may tell him from me “Grrrooowwwllllllll!!!”

In actual fact he did nothing at all. I don’t think the teller would get fired even if he did complain (I am myself inclined to think that a person should not be fired for one bigoted remark, and in any event this particular teller is a key employee - she is (I think) the only teller who speaks Spanish). I think the only result of complaing about it would be more ill feelings. Hopefully this type of bigotry will subside as time goes on.

He gets that a fair bit… It makes my sister go " :wink: :smiley: ".