Wife Swap 9/12

Anyone else still watching this show?

Tonight’s families were opposites, but not as extreme as some of the families from last season. Southern etiquette-teacher mom whose family dresses for dinner switches with a Massachusetts family whose mom serves dinner on paper plates in front of the TV and imposes no rules on her three sons.

The editors must have had fun with this one. It looked like dinners in the Southern family’s house were formal, stuffy affairs with little talk and lots of lessons in manners. Conversely, it looked like Mass. mom’s idea of letting kids be kids was belching contests and running wild in stores.

The real families were probably somewhere in between.

Good episode though. There was stuff to like about both families, and it seemed like they came away with positive changes.

Crap. I didn’t realize it was back on the air.

Next week looks good:

Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10/9c

In the most explosive Wife Swap ever, an African-American mother who believes in extreme cleanliness, order and lots of discipline swaps lives with a Caucasian mother who gives her kids free rein and whose husband uses racist language.

Man, when the first slur comes out then we’ll see sparks fly. FOX programming in action!