Wife tells Gov. Sanford to take a hike

Jenny Sanford files for divorce.

Good for her.

Heh. Wish I was representing her. Talk about negotiating from a position of strength…


Oh, god, will everybody please shut up about this? I got back from lunch at 1:30 and the godawful talky woman I work with has NOT STOPPED JABBERING about it. I haven’t said word one to her but I don’t think she cares. Who cares if somebody gets a divorce? How is it possibly any of our business? Grr!

Sorry, I live in South Carolina and it is absolutely inescapable.

I saw whatya did with that hike thang, Twicks.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah maybe, but Gov. Sanford is a tool. He deserves this. Just MHO.

Thank you. I was giggling like a maniac when I typed that. :smiley:

fan dang tastic!!! good for her.

Yeah, it looks like his marriage has gone South.

The scary thing is: I live in another country; I actively detest celebrity gossip and I tend to aviod plitical gossip; I don’t have cable or satellite or rabbit-ears or even an actual TV set; I don’t live with any gossip-hounds who might mention it… and I still know exactly what you are talking about without clicking on the link.

He should change his name to Mark Trail.

But the legislature just gave Sanford a slap on the penis. No impeachment for the guy wheo said Clinton should quit for a lesser infraction.

Put the R in parentheses and you’re good to go !

Except on Fox News, who will change it to a D.