WiFi pc-card / USB that has a detachable antenna?

Does anyone make a PC-Card (for a laptop), or a USB connector that allows me to take off the antenna and attach a standard external antenna? I need to use a directional antenna w/ my laptop but don’t see any card/usb device that allows this.

Yes I know I can use a repeater/or wireless bridge, but I would much rather just use the laptop.


A lot of these show up reasonably priced on ebay. Orinoco gold cards for example.
There is at least one ebay vendor than bundles these with antennas.

You may have to use a 11 Mb/S card, and may not get WPA.

Note that typical cable internet, advertising aside, achieves 2 Mb/S with 8 Mb/S being exceptional. If you are transfering files between machines on the same net, then 54 Mb/S may be useful, but you’ll never see the difference when surfing.

IIRC, search for cards by also using the words “dongle” and “pigtail”. You can see what this guy was using: http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/has.html