Wii - Recommend some games!

Hello dopers,

I have made the plunge into the video game world again. I say again because I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to video games. My last game system was a GameCube and I played that very rarely. Even at that time, it seemed the game(s) complexity had passed my PacMan a$$.

Yesterday at Best Buy I made an impulse buy of a Wii, a 2nd controller, and Mario Kart. I spent the day yesterday playing some of the Wii Sports games (novelty fun) and the games that came with the 2nd controller (Wii Play?). I also played a little Mario Kart which was fun.

So I need recommendations for the next 3 “must buy” games on the Wii. Keep in mind, I’m multi-button/controller challenged.


OK, here’s a few simple Wii games that aren’t too heavy on the button pressing:

Ghost Squad - An old school light gun shooter that basically puts you in the shoes of Jack Bauer.

Excite Truck - Give the Wii Wheel another workout. In a few years people will look back at Excite Truck as one of the most underrated games on the Wii.

Lego Star Wars - Trust me, it’s awesome.

You’ve got Mario Kart. That’s pretty much all you need for now.

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the funnest games I have played on any console.

Boom Blox. By Stephen Spielberg. The Penny Arcade guys say it pulled them away from GTA4.
1up.com spent the entire weekly podcast raving over it.

I absolutely loved Fire Emblem’s gameplay, but it’s been harshly criticized for unnecessary difficulty.

Okay, you’re on the opposite end of the complexity spectrum from me but there are two Trauma Center games for the Wii that I thought were pretty good. You do surgery with the Wiimote and each section only takes a few minutes to play.

I keep hearing that the new Smash Brothers game was a great buy - surprisingly lots of replay value there for a fighting game.

I’ve heard awesome things about Boom Blox, but haven’t tried it yet.

Games that I’ve tried, and consider must-haves: Endless Ocean and Mario Galaxy.

Yeah, Mario Galaxy, defenitely. Also Zelda: The twilight Princess is an EXCELLENT game, though if you “have the attention span of a gnat” then it’s probably not fot you. :slight_smile:

Some people might say Raymans Raving Rabbids is a good game, but that is just because they are evil people. Don’t believe them.

On the other hand Super Monkey Ball : banana blitz is pretty fun, and not too complex either.

I think it’s a rule you have to recommend Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but they are both awesome just the same.

Instead of Ghost Squad, I’d suggest the House of the Dead 2 & 3. I mean, come on! They’re zombies, you kill them! It’s a no-brainer! Which is just as well, considering… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll duck the trend and say to not get Zelda. Supposedly the Game Cube translation is better. My girlfriend and I haven’t even looked at it since we got Mario Kart.

“Rock Band” comes out June 22. If you have a lot of friends, like to drink, it’s a lot of fun. Even more fun with the two combined.

It is. The Wii controls were bolted on, plus the maps got flipped in the port. I’ve played both, and appreciated the GC controls much more, mainly because the tutorials were MUCH better. I didn’t get much of any help in the Wii version on how to do the ‘special moves’. :stuck_out_tongue:

But for the OP, I **do not ** recommend Zelda games because they are not for 5-10 breaks of playing. They’re more intensive and engrossing treks, and also require some time to learn the controls.

Super Mario Galaxy – it could break either way, but I would be inclined to suggest that OP borrow it first before buying due to the length of each world. Controls can be slightly tricky as well since I keep getting my ass killed on certain worlds, and I’m not a hardcore gamer.

I’ve heard about Endless Ocean, but I still don’t see where it’s so awesome. Describe?

Brawl is a button-masher. No.

Possibly Super Paper Mario, since the controls for those are pretty easy and it’s pretty straightforward as well.

You can also buy old school games for Wiiware/Virtual Console if you swing that way as well – I’ve snagged a few games that way, such as Kirby 64 (but I’m still stuck on the final boss :mad: ).

Mandatory Recommendations: Zelda Twilight Princess. Smash Bros. Brawl.

And the rest: Super Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy are fun. Cooking Mama is almost more fun to watch someone play than to play, but it’s worth a rent. My big favorite for any system really is Resident Evil 4. The Wii port is basically the PS2 version with better graphics and the Wiimote, but it’s still a great game.

It’s a cute scuba exploration game. You just drift around underwater and check things out. I like the concept but I found that the weak implementation of a game structure made me bored. I needed a more direct set of challenges. Still, the OP might enjoy it since he’s not looking for the same thing I am and it is a somewhat unique title (there have been other scuba games in the past but none recently).

Since the Gamecube version is the original version of Resident Evil 4 wouldn’t the Wii port be a version of that? :wink:

Well, the PS2 port has extra missions I believe so it’s a double port, PS2 ported it and got missions, Wii ported the version with better graphics.

Not just the maps. It’s the only Zelda game where Link is right handed, (which is why they flipped the maps, supposedly)

Yep. The Wii version has Operation Ada and the rest of the PS2 bonus stuff.

House of the Dead! Yes! That was the only game I used to play regularly when I owned a GameCube. Added to the list, thanks!!!