Wiki troubleshooting question

I’ve installed a mediawiki, but when I make changes in the localsettings.php file they don’t show up. I tried to insert a logo but the logo section remains blank. More critically, I have tried to change group permissions but nothing happens, so now anybody can come in and edit my wiki without me knowing.

This is a significant problem because wiki operators have been sued for content that was posted on their wikis by other users.

The help files I’ve found are no use - they just keep telling me things to put into LocalSettings.php, but I have done that and they just don’t take effect.

Any ideas?


Is your web server caching the settings? What happens if you restart it?

It caught one change … there was a default logo on it, so I changed the settings to allow image uploads, and then uploaded my logo. Now the default logo is gone but the space is blank - seems like it caught the instruction to allow uploads, but not the one to upload my logo. That’s how I know it’s not completely mucked.

Thanks for the tip about the server tho … I’ll see about that now.

Can’t reset the server. It’s external.

:confused: External to what?

I think she’s saying she’s on a hosted solution and can’t just restart the server, as it’s not hers to restart.
Right click on the blank space where the logo should be, and choose “properties.” What is your browser reporting as the location of the image? (the full URL to the image, like Is it the real location of the image? Is there an image there?