Wildest Bill: Thread King of the SDMB

I hereby nominate Wildest Bill for the office of Thread King of the SDMB.

WB consistently comes up with great ideas for threads. His OPs are sometimes challenging, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes truly mundane. They are all interesting.

Among his recent thread titles:

Worst Experience in a Public Restroom
What Band or Artists are real Devil Worshippers
What happens to you if you get caught with prescription drugs crossing the border?
What’s the best way to sell a BIG diamond
Hey Atheists! How do you like these nicknames?
Which diet have you tried that has worked the fastest?
How long do you want to live?
What food makes the worst smelling fart?
What is your morning waking routine?
What movie scenes did you copy as a kid?
Is this homophobic or standing up to an unwanted advance?
What happened to the acid of the 60’s?
Do you ever respond to those Millionaire letters?
A lawyer says abstinence should not be taught in school?
Are You a Popper?(that’s right I Said Popper not Pepper)
10 Things Would You Want to Find in FedEX Packages if You Were a Castaway?
If you Had to Go to War, What Kind of Soldier Would You Make?
What Part of Your Life Is the Best Being a Kid or An Adult and Why?
Why do You Think That So Many Movies Have Been Made About Vampires?
Do You Think Rush Limbaugh Was Secretly Disapointed That Gore Lost?

And my personal favorite:

Do You Think Old People Just Act Crazy To Mess With Younger People’s Heads?
So, anybody want to second the nomination?

Don’t forget the one about whether to leave the toilet lid up or down (the exact name of the thread escapes me). It had several pages of opinions about the subject.

Long live King WB!

I’d also like to nominate Zenster for honorable mention.


It’s true. The most consistently interesting thread subjects recently have sprung from the mind of Wildest Bill. So I vote yea.

Yeah, but did he start the Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer thread? Did he? Huh?

I thought not. So, with that, I hereby nominate myself as Ol’ Bill’s main opponent, using that one thread alone. Hey… it was in threadspotting for almost two weeks.

Man, we used to debate that in high school just about every lunch hour :slight_smile:

I ote for WB, too. My threads suck ass.