SDMB threads that had you cracking up

Among my own circle-of-dorks, I am far and away the wittiest/funniest one among them. Almost like the ‘old’ Tiger Woods, where it was “Tiger vs the field”, and the only competition was for 2nd place.

But I have met my match, in that I don’t even bother trying to compete with some of you guys/gals on the SDMB.

So, can I start a thread of links to SDMB threads that had you “spitting out your drink of choice, all over the monitor”?

(And if this thread has already been done, then please point me to it, and I’ll politely ask the Mods to close this one). Also, I wasn’t sure if this was more suited to IMHO, or ATMB.

My ante is the John Franklin Kennedy thread… (and totally no offense to the OP in that one, if it was a simple typo) - but the responses had me almost begging for oxygen I was laughing so hard :smiley:

This thread is from 2004 but it’s a great place to start. It’s got many of my favorites. The horror of blimps was the first thread that came to mind.

I’m sure there has to be a more recent collection of great threads but I can’t seem to find one at the moment.

Then of course there was the day that Hal Briston left his account logged-in but unattended at work.

Sex with sheep is fun

There’s The funniest thread on the Dope from 2008.

And The Top 101 Straight Dope Threads…Of All Time from 2005, which includes many funny ones.

Almost anything started by Rue DeDay. I gotta look up his blog again.

I can’t remember the thread, but it ended with an amazing story about a guy who’d been up all night playing a board game with friends when a Mormon (or was it a Jehovah’s Witness?) missionary knocks on his door and he winds up chasing her, nearly naked, down the street with a sword. That thread (specifically, that post) has made me laugh more than any other.

Here it is:

There was one with a string of hypotheticals that eventually led to the question whether you would shoot baby Hitler if he was glued to the seat of a burning car. If anyone has a link to it, please post. I’ve been looking for it.

Post 99 in this thread ? :slight_smile:

Could You Make a Viable Stellar System From Jelly Tots? amused me.

Can Superman tear his own head off? was funny. I especially liked this part:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, look at The popular nonsense threads at SDMB with more than 100 posts per thread where the OP points to some older threads that are attempts to catalog the sort of threads you’re after.

I’m going to link back to this thread from there shortly.

Halvsie, the two-legged dog is one of my all-time favourites. Just remembering the title has me giggling like an idiot at the moment :slight_smile:

Recipes for Terror.

Try this one:

Why does my peepee have balls?

I HAD to open this one because of an unfortunate nickname that stuck with me from high school (blue uniforms/white hats for marching band), and then I was gasping for air and laughing so hard I was sobbing at the actual incident:

That’s the one! Thanks!

Was that thread the sequel to the, ‘would you shoot your son if we was trapped in a wreaked car’?

One of the responses was to the effect, ‘I’d shoot him once in the leg first just to let him know I meant business.’

Pan fried semen. Accept no substitutes.

ETA - and the one that started out attacking lindsaybluth and ended up with everybody bragging about how they were so rich they had a garage and not a car-hole like some people, plus they didn’t have to use no plastic colanders.

what? no love for ‘the cooler of death’? and no, i didn’t look up the link. that one damn near made me crack a rib.

nevermind, ninetothesky has it covered.

and it’s ‘cooler of doom.’ :smiley: