If the SDMB was on a summer hiatus, what would be the re-runs?

If the SDMB had to stop allowing new threads, or even posts, what would you choose to fill the Boards as re-runs?

My votes would be these classic threads:

Sometimes the bad guys win (Warning not funny)

Would you shoot and kill your child in this situation?

No you can’t use my bathroom

So, what would you want to see as a repeat?

SSG Schwartz

Sorry for the lazy-ass link-free posting, but OTTOMH I’d go with three “Star Wars”-related threads:

  1. the very, very long (and very, very funny, although IIRC the thread posters made their arguments with the utmost seriousness, for the most part, in a manner largely devoid of self-conscious irony, which made it even funnier) thread in which obsessive SW fans and Trekkies debated the technical and military merits of the Empire/Rebel Alliance vs. the Federation, etc.;

  2. the shorter but also funny thread debating just how lame the elevated tanks… er, AT-ATs or Imperial Walkers were, WRT the limitations of their strategic and tactical utility in the field of battle;

  3. the “Star Wars” pizza thread. For its peppery wit, its saucy attitude, oh stop me already.
    Hey, sometimes you just feel like “nothing but Staaar Waaaaaars, don’t let it end!” :smiley:

Homer’s monkey butler thread. One of the funniest threads ever. I couldn’t find it the other day, so I wonder if it’s been erased.

“Ask The” threads involving polygamy. Informative and entertaining. For my prurient side.

Baby picture threads. Love the babies.

Forgot a couple of soon to be classics:

Airplane on a treadmill

And… Call Me ThreadKiller ™

SSG Schwartz

Oh, dear. I suppose we’d have to include Thank You, Dopers, and (eventually) Pitters!, the chaos that ensued, and the various scathing Pit Threads that spawned thereafter. I mean, that was a trainwreck. In other words–real, compelling drama! :smiley:

Sampiro’s life stories. All of them. :smiley:

I can’t believe this wasn’t first on the list.

Waddya mean, if there were reruns. Seems most of the threads in GD these days are reruns.

Anyhew. . .

I’d pick the Corrupt Wish Game from a few years back. It had some of the cleverest writing I’ve ever seen on these boards. Alas, it got caught up in the Great Game Thread Crackdown; otherwise, that sucker would probably still be going on.

Transference drinking a brew with a Dead Man’s Toe?

Scylla’s a Guest? WTH? :frowning:

It’s gotta be Halfsie, the Two-Legged Dog.

I snerk every time I read that.

The thread on the reality of scalar weapons would be a good one, and, given its massive length, might be able to fill a large section of the summer schedule by itself.

If LoTR had been written by someone else?

Americans - are fries and bacon always finger food?
Half way through the Americans, Canadians and English realize that we call different meat bacon. This then begs the question of which one does bacon salt taste like.


Paging Eve! I’m not Eve, but. . .

Funny things said during love making/intimate moments…

Kids vs Teachers was such a fun, bizarrely epic thread that it will be exciting even in syndication.

Ooh. I’d like to nominate the “Ask the Hulk” thread. Can some one dredge up a link to that and the Star Wars ones up higher. I wish I had the ability to search the board.

I also enjoyed the aborted Superman/Spiderman SWAP stories.

The Electric Sun thread has always been a favorite of mine. Nutball theory, but with a happy ending. Hope TheFonz is doin okay.
Okay, so prolly no one else remembers this one, but it was one of the ones that got me started on here.
Okay, so prolly no one else here knows who I am but… um… :smack:

The various threads on leaving tips in restaurants are all the same anyway, so could be run in random orders ad nauseam.

This week’s reruns has to include World Trade Center Plane Crash.

History as it unfolds.