Will a cultured doper translate a bit of French for me?

Spanish is my forte, French my weakness. Please help:

Ce quatuor américain basé à San Francisco, plutôt groupe de rock instrumental à la base ont décidé de faire entendre leurs voix sur ce petit EP qui marque un virage à 90 °, pas méchant certe mais suffisant pour accrocher nos petites oreilles et titiller notre curiosité .
Qu’est ce donc ? du rock americana basique avec une couche d’indie country Punk et un décallage horaire à la modest house .On attend avec impatience le long format. (24/03/2005)

Much obliged friends. Thanks

Well, my French is horrible. Though I understand it for the most part…
Maybe try Google’s translator here ? Or do you need it more accurate?

This American quartet based in San Francisco, rather group of instrumental rock’n’roll at the base decided to make hear their voices on this small EP which marks a turn with 90 °, not malicious certe but sufficient to hang our small ears and to titillate our curiosity. What is this thus? basic rock’n’roll americana with a layer of indie Punk country and a time décallage with the modest On house awaits impatiently the long format. (24/03/2005)

This is an internet translation, right? I’ve got that one, and it seemed, well, like an internet translation. Thanks though. I thought, perhaps, a smooth French one could be favored…please…?

It’s been awhile, but here’s my best effort:

“This American quartet, based in San Francisco, is an instrumental rock group which decided to make their voices heard with a short EP which marked a 90 degree turn, not bad but sufficient to (french colloquialism – i suppose it means something like, “whet our appetites”) and titillate our curiosity. What is it? Americana rock with a touch of indie country Punk and a ( I have no idea – I assume they’re saying this band is also mixing in a little) modest house influences. We impatiently await the full record.”

It doesn’t say what the 90 degree turn is from, that I can make out - perhaps it’s referencing a prior review on this band?

This San-Francisco-based american quartet, more an instrumental rock group at the core, have decided to make their voices heard on this little EP which marks a 90 degree turn, certainly not incredible but enough to catch our ears and spark our curiosity.

What is it, then? Americana rock with a layer of indie country punk and a modest house jet lag. We’re anxiously awaiting the long version.

(from my head, not an internet translator)

Okay, I’ve found that translating rock reviews is rough. They’re usually laden with slang, bad punctuation and bad spelling, and this one’s no exception. But here’s my crack at it:

*This American quartet based in San Francisco—rather, this base-driven instrumental rock group—decided to introduce their voices on this little EP that marks a major change in their style. Not bad, sure, but enough to perk up our little ears and titillate our curiosity.

So what is it, then? Base-heavy American rock with a dash of indie country punk and jet lag [sic] on par with Modest House. We anxiously await the longer fomat. (March 24, 2005)*

I translated idioms into their English equivalents where I felt they were appropriate, but this has gotten me into trouble before.

“Décalage horaire” means “jet lag.” I’m not sure what they mean. If I had to guess, based on the context, I’d say they’re trying to say the album is an unusually long one.

My Francais is rusty, as is my dictionary, but this is the best sense I can make of it. It looks like a musical group looking for a gig or a recording session. Some words have many possible meanings and there may be idioms at work here of which I’m ignorant, so don’t sue me. Maybe a more fluent Frenchman/woman will give a better translation. Bon chance.
This American quartet based at San Francisco, on the whole an instrumental rock group have basically decided to make their voice heard on a little EP (album?) to mark a 90-degree turn, not bad indeed but sufficiently catching for our little ears and titillate our curiosity.

What is this then? Basic American rock with a touch of Indian country Punk and a schedule (gig?) at a modest house. We wait impatiently the long format.

I don’t speak French, but could “modest house” be a typo for the band Modest Mouse?

Birdmonster, please note that posting the same question in more than one forum is not permitted.

I’ve closed the other thread, and I’m leaving this one open for discussion.

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Well Birdmonster, I’m 100% French Canadian and I use this language daily.

Rest assured, that review most certainly belongs in the “way to go” pile.

The gist of it being the EP has piqued their curiosity and interest and has left them anxious for more output!

Can’t ask for more than that!


I’ll take a shot…

*This American quartet based in San Francisco, basically more of an instrumental rock group, have decided to make their voices heard on this short EP, which signals a 90-degree turn; definitely not bad, and enough to catch our ear and stimulate our curiosity.

So what is it? It’s basic Americana rock, with a bed of punk-country-indie, and a temporal disorientation à la Modest Mouse. We look forward to the long version.*

Firstly, Birdmonster, welcome to the SDMB!

As far as the translation goes, I (as a former longtime resident of France and moderately fluent French speaker) would say that E. Thorp has nailed it.

Some thoughts:
[li] Relax, the reviewer clearly liked your music and is looking forward to hearing a full CD from you and not just your EP. [/li].
[li]à la base means basic, nothing to do with bass (the instrument), which is la basse in French, despite what previous posters would suggest.[/li].
[li]Lisa-go-Blind is undoubtedly correct in spotting the typo in the review which meant to refer to the band Modest Mouse and not the non-sequitur “modest house”. (“décallage” should read “décalage” as well, so the reviewer clearly wasn’t too careful about his proofreading).[/li].
[li]I see that you’re playing the Great American Music Hall tomorrow night (Saturday April 2nd). Hope the gig goes well! It’s a wonderful venue.[/li][/ul]

Good luck with your (apparently imminent) rise to the Big Time!

Birdmonster, I posted my translation in your other thread just before it got locked.

Thank you all so much. The Teeming Millions continue to never dissapoint.