Will an iPod mini car charger work with a Sandisk Sansa 280?

Will an iPod mini car charger work with a Sandisk Sansa e280? I bought a Sansa to replace an iPod mini and I’m wondering if the car charger will work with it. The car charger is the sort that plugs directly into the bottom of the iPod.

Almost certainly not. The units would have to have the same voltage requirements and the power supply must provide at least as much current as the one it’s replacing. In addition, the plugs must be of the same size and type and have the correct polarity. Getting all these things to match up between various models from a single manufacturer is tough enough, at times. Getting a match between two completely different manufacturers is really asking a lot.

To determine this, you need to find a couple of things out.

  • Do the devices share the same connection port - unlikely I think.

  • Do the devices use the same voltage, and if 1) is true do they use the same pins.

You should be able to find an answer to the second question with some good google-fu and a bit of figuring.

If you can get some more data, come back & post and I’ll help.


But I’ve got a post next to my SDMB Hero QED !!!

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Ok thanks a bunch folks. They’re $5 on eBay, and the jacks looked deceptively similar, I just didn’t want two chargers if it wasn’t necessary.