Will Cat Lover Find Love?

This has had well over 10 million hits and I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t already posted on the 'dope somewhere, but I can’t recall seeing it before this morning.

Youtube Vid:

Debbie loves cats

I think she likes cats.

Just a little too much.

She sounds like a flake.

Holy crap that was creepy. Hope that was meant as a joke.

Do her cats know about this? Maybe she should say something to them.

I dare say, given her looks, somewhere, someday, some nice guy will help her with her pussy.

That has *got *to be a joke. There is someone snickering in the background in the last few seconds.

A total joke, and a good one. Bow ties? Rainbows? snerk

It starts out really funny, but she starts to obviously overact in the middle and then starts to lose her shit. Would have been so very funny if she had been able to keep it believable.