Will Hillary for VP hand Dubya the election?

This is how I see it going down:

Kerry picks Hillary as his running mate (hopefully). He’s a progressive guy, ya see. Plus he needs female voters, bad.

The thought of Hillary being a heartbeat away from the Presidency will scare the hell out of every good Republican in the country, and half the Democrats. So Bush wins in November.

Hillary’s happy. Nobody blames the running mate when the candidate loses. The Dems turn on Kerry like they did Dean, Hillary’s still the golden child because she “gave it her best shot” and voila, she’s the nominee for 2008.

Yeah? Well, you forget that W. chooses John Ashcroft as his running mate, dropping Cheney as too unpersonable; the voters elect John F. Kennedy in a landslide.

Hey, it’s just as probable as your scenario.


Left have you not read the newspaper today or something?

She’s being considered, apparently pretty seriously. I’m not saying she WILL be picked. I’m asking if picking her would cost Kerry the election.

Why so snarky?

Uh, cite? What newspapers? I just checked Google news and couldn’t find anything on this. The only serious contenders I’ve seen lately in the media are Edwards, Gephardt and Vilsack. And the only people talking about Hillary are right-wing day-dreamers.

I’m predicting that GW will drop Cheney and pick Prince Bandar as his running mate! And they’ll live on the moon and have puppies!

Oh, man, you’re giving me hives. I’m surprised Hillary made it to the Senate after her health care plan ideas. It’s pretty hard to imagine picking someone other than Edwards now, unless maybe he’s got skeletons in the closet.

Say what you will about Kerry, but he’s no fool, and only a fool would put Hilary on the ticket in the current political climate.

He’s not interested in setting up a D win in 2008. He wants to win now.

Goddammit, I hate it when I accidentally step into a ludicrous alternate reality.

Everybody knows that he’s going to pick up the Reverend Moon as his running mate and jointly introduce the Federal Imperative Diet Order, which will require that Americans live on puppies.

Heh heh heh… Federal Imperative Diet Order or FIDO for short!!

BTW, as I wrote in another Hillary for Veep thread today, I think Kerry’s choice will be a bit of a surprise-- Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana.

This is the only headline link I’ve seen today which ties into the OP


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BTW, what newspapers?

I always thought that half of the left hates Hillary. I don’t see her as being a very valid choice.

I also don’t think that most women voters are stupid enough to blindly vote for a ticket just because it has a woman on it.

Oh, wait, this is AMERICA. Nevermind.

Does Drudge ever make April-fool type joke stories? I mean, the story being a joke on purpose?

It isn’t going to be Hillary so don’t get your hopes up.
I don’t think she would hurt Kerry as much as the right wing hopes she would. Anyone who hates Hillary probably wouldn’t vote for Kerry anyway.

Anyone who hates Bush (and that’s a huge number of voters, don’t kid yourself) will vote for NotBush no matter who’s on the ticket as NotCheney.

Not gonna happen, and she’s said she doesn’t want the job. When the hell are people going to let this go?

Oh, yeah, that’s why Lieberman is the Democratic nominee now. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but he’s been embarrasingly wrong before.

I tend to agree, but:

Believe it or not, there are lots of Americans (including me) who don’t hate either candidate, and it’s those folks who would matter. So, the real question is: Of those who are undecided between Bush and Kerry, would an HRC VP choice make a difference? I’m not entirely sure of that answer, but she is a pretty polarizing person. For that reason, I don’t see Kerry selecting her, and even if he wanted her on the ticket, I don’t think she’d accept.

Hillary Clinton for veep would only serve to rally wayward conservatives to the Bush camp, IMO. Kerry gains little from selecting her, and a ticket of two northeastern liberals won’t balance things at all.

OTOH, I think Drudge is just indulging in some summer fantasizing here.

Maybe Left’s problem is that he does read the newspapers, instead of relying on the always-reliable, utterly unbiased journalistic stylings of Matt Drudge.

BWAH! Let’s parse this, shall we?

“All the signs point in her direction” = “all the memos we’ve been sending out to scare our right wing base.”

“…said the insider, one of the most influential and well-placed in the nation’s capital.” = Karl Rove.

“It is the solution to every Kerry problem” = “it is the solution to the Republicans’ every Kerry problem.”

Ooooooh, I get it now.

Bill Clinton is still trying to become dictator of America. By using Hillary, who is his mindless puppet because she stood by him during his affair, he will control Kerry and lead a coup while the military is engaged in Iraq, then invite Osama to a hot tub party at the White House.

It’s from Drudge, it’s single-sourced, and it’s speculation! Doesn’t that actually prove it’s not true?

I don’t think Kerry would pick Hillary either, but not for the reasons people are saying. Here are the probems with putting Hillary on the ticket:

  1. She’ll instantly upstage Kerry. People will start commenting right away that it would make more sense if the ticket was inverted. It won’t help Kerry at all if all the cameras are following Hillary and ignoring him.

  2. New York is already a safe state for the Democrats. Traditionally, the VP choice is someone who can help bring home the votes in a key swing state, or with a key demographic. Women are already solidly in the Kerry camp, and the ones who aren’t aren’t likely to be swayed by Hillary.

  3. Kerry wants to make health care one of his key issues, and putting Hillary on the ticket will bring back very uncomfortable associations with her failed ‘Hillarycare’ initiative.

  4. Kerry is trying to move to the right and Hillary doesn’t help.
    I think the Evan Bayh prediction is better, and he would be a strong choice because he’ll help reassure the undecideds that John Kerry won’t be a Michael Dukakis II.