Will I get this job without a resume?

Ok, peep this…

I have an interview tomorrow. It is for a sales job in sort of a call center setting, I guess. I actually have a different kind of job sort of lined up in a few weeks, so if I don’t get this job, it’s no biggie, and if I do get it, I may not accept it.

I know I killed on the phone interview. No doubt. Tomorrow is the in person interview, and I was told to bring a hard copy of my resume. I don’t have it and I don’t have my shit together to get it. Since this job isn’t my “one true job” I have decided to go to the interview without it and just try to razzle dazzle my way through it and get an offer anyway.

So, what is your guess? Will the no hard copy resume be a deal breaker?

It might be a deal breaker for them, if for no other reason than it shows that you don’t feel the need to follow directions. If you find a kinkos or a staples you can print one off for like fifty cents before your interview, though if you only want to do the interview for practice and you don’t really want the job you may not want to bother finding a way to print one beforehand.

Yeah, pbbth, I am a quarter of a way through a bottle of scotch right now, and the interview is in the morning, and I will be on the train, in the heat, and maybe the rain, so I don’t think there is much chance of me showing up with that resume.

But yeah, I am pretty sold on that other thing I was telling you about, so this is really just a lark, and an opportunity to try to negotiate a better offer. The phone interview lady said they wouldn’t budge on the pay scale, so I’m gonna try to budge them.

The fact that you are likely to turn up hungover and clearly not interested in the job may be more of a dealbreaker than your failure to follow a simple instruction. My advice would be to call and cancel instead of wasting everybody’s time.

Could you just not contact the person who will be interviewing you and ask if you can email it to them?

Man, I bet you think they should be just dying to hire you, drunk and unable/unwilling to follow directions or not.

It seems she just wants to go to get the experience and to challenge them on their non-negotiable wage structure. To that end, I didn’t read that she really cares if she is actually offered a position.

To which, no chance in hell.

Show up for the interview, sit down, and strike a light-anywhere match one handed using your thumbnail. Light a cigarette in a loooong holder. Blow a thin stream of smoke in the interviewer’s face. If you are gonna be confidant, flaunt it.

You know when you get called in for an interview and you discover later that they had intended to hire the internal candidate all along - HR just told them they had to interview.

Yeah, it isn’t any less annoying when you are a manager and you waste your time interviewing people who really don’t want the job. OK, maybe a little less, since you are already there and dressed up, but its still annoying.

I’ve worked in a couple call centers. IMO, it really depends on how formal the setting is. There are call centers, and then there are call centers. It makes a difference whether you’re apply to work at a $13.50/hour inbound call center in the finance industry, or an $8/hour outbound collections company. And hey, you got a phone interview without them having seen your resume. So there’s a nonzero chance they’ll pick you up.

Have fun and let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

If it was anything but sales, not a chance. Since it IS sales, if you can sell yourself, you’re probably in.

“Hey…! C’mon back, they Loved you…!”

“…I know, I KNOW… but I can only do it Once…”
PS- where is this place that’s hiring? Company Contact info by PM please.


And strangely, this.

In every place I’ve worked, from the cotton fields (or at least what felt that way) to the fancy hyper corporate banking world, if you brought in the dinero, you could shit on the floor if you wanted to, and it’d be all good.

Ok, a few things.

First, I did send an email resume when I applied online. But in the phone interview, she asked me to bring a hard copy.

Second, I took the advice in this thread and got my shit together enough to go to fedex and print a copy of my resume. You guys shamed me into it, because I didn’t want to look disrespectful to the process.

BUT! I don’t buy into that “wasting people’s time” nonsense. I have done hiring for call center sales, and I know it is not the job of the applicant to see to it that “our time isn’t wasted”. I am there to offer what I got and try to convince them to take what I am offering for the price I demand. They are there to determine rather or not they think I’m worth it. I don’t owe them anything for their time. But I do think I owe them respect, so I did get the resume.

I know I killed in the interview, but I didn’t get the price I was asking for. If they call me for a second interview, I can try again. It is highly unrealistic that I will get what I’m asking for, so I will probably end up going with the plan I have lined up.

One more thing…real life isn’t like the movies. Just because I got toasty last night doesn’t mean I’m going to stumble into the interview with a five oclock shadow and my tie on crooked. I made sure to turn it “on” before going in the door.

Thanks everyone for your input. I would have felt kind of shitty after all if I hadn’t walked in with that resume. Ready for the kicker? No one asked for it. He had a copy in his hand. But when he said, “let’s go over your resume”, I felt good to be able to pull out a crisp copy as if I had my shit together.

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Took my advice! Cool!

I’m glad you brought your resume with you, even if you didn’t end up needing it at all. I know you don’t particularly want this job, but if they offer it to you then you might take it and work for a week or two until your other option pops up in case (for whatever reason) your other job falls through.