Will I like Caprica?

I haven’t gone to the tread discussing The Plan, because I don’t want a spoiler. But I’m wondering if I should let myself get caught up in a new SyFy series. I like science fiction, but my science fiction, has to have, a healthy dose of … science in it. And lots of people don’t like that. Over on Wikipedia, the info seems to point to it being more like an evening soap opera, specifically meant to be handling various social issues, instead of science. Has anyone seen the digital download or DVD and thinks the science presented is solid and engaging? Like a puzzle you’re meant to try and figure out, as opposed to just being backdrop?

I saw the Caprica movie when it first came out.

I enjoyed it - but I didn’t love it. This is definitely not BSG. Although there are pre-cursors to BSG in it - the basic premise is based a kind of science - without a ton of scientific explanation.

I don’t know how much you know about it but here’s my version of the premise:

The techno-savvy daughter of one character creates a copy of herself inside this virtual reality game - and after she dies - her copy is still alive. The father enters the game to be with her and wants to bring the technology to the real world. Thus begins the Cylon race.

For me, a lot of it was morality based than technology based. Should this kind of technology be used?

I’m withholding judgment because I realize most of my disappointment was based on the fact that this was not a movie about man’s fight for survival, but just man’s justification/juxtaposition of morality vs. technology.

May as well give it a shot. V won’t be back until March, I think. How bad could it be?*

*don’t answer that.

When does it start up? (Or did I miss it?) I saw the pilot on Hulu, and while it’s set in the BSG world, it’s no BSG so far. Interesting Sci-Fi though IMO.

I thought the pilot was pretty good, and anticipate the full series. I’m anxious to see “The Plan” when it records soon on SyFy.