Will I like Ocarina of Time (3DS)?

Thanks for your input, everyone.

So I’ve been and bought the game now. I’ve only played it for about an hour, but these are the issues I’ve come across so far:

  • I don’t get the controls. Only the “A” button seems to do anything, and it does everything! I’ve lost count of how many times I tried to interact with an object, or talk to someone, only to make Zelda do a forward roll, or make the fairy appear and disappear.

  • The camera angles are really awkward…I kept saying, “Uhh, game? I want to look over there…” I know there’s a “view mode”, but stopping what you’re doing, pressing the button on the touch screen, turning the camera, and pressing “back” is really clunky. Why can’t you just press the L and R buttons to rotate the camera left and right?

  • The game doesn’t explain very well where you need to go. I know that I need to get a sword and a shield, but there’s no indication of which area the sword is in (that’s where I’m stuck at the moment). Talking to people doesn’t seem to help, and there’s no marker on the map, so I’m a bit lost…

  • As Hampshire and ModernPrimate noted, my eyes are having trouble playing the game on such a small screen (whereas I haven’t had trouble with the 2D games I’ve played).

I’m going to keep playing, and hope I get over my difficulties. I’m excited to play this game, because I’ve heard for years how it’s the best game ever made. However, I’m probably going to be in trouble once the monsters come along!

Oh, you’re really just getting started. The sword is in an area that’s sorta behind Link’s house, through a door that leads to a “maze” of sorts. After that, snoop around for cash until you have enough to buy a shield from the store. Then you can go talk to the Deku Tree.

When you don’t know what to do, you can talk to Navi, and she occasionally will actually have something useful to say.

Yes, “A” is the context button. If you’re running, it will always roll. It’s only when you come to a stop that its function changes depending on what you’re by (eg, climb ladder, read sign, talk to person)–think if it as your Interact button, that just happens to do other things when running, or engaged in combat (jump-slash attack). Don’t worry about pressing it to make Navi come out or go away–she’ll take care of that on her own.

You just have to have more faith in the camera–it usually does a pretty good job showing what you need. However, you can also adjust it on the fly by tapping the L-button to instantly recenter it behind Link. So if you want to look somewhere, face it and tap L. It might seem weird, but you’ll get used to it. You really shouldn’t need to use the first-person view (the touchscreen icon) too much; perhaps only when stuck in a dungeon puzzle or something.

Max Torque pretty much covered it–sword is just right of Link’s house (facing it), found in a tunnel you can crawl through in the wall by the fence-maze.

Try turning the 3D off, if it isn’t already. Aside from that…hopefully you get used to it :slight_smile:

It’s context sensitive, you may be SOL with picking up rocks, but for people, I always use the targeting system to lock onto them before I talk to them, since if you’re locked on to a person you’re guaranteed that A will be the talk command.

Also, the main character’s canonical name is Link, Zelda is 1. A girl’s name. 2. A princess in the game. If you named your character Zelda you will encounter a scene later where Princess Zelda will say “Zelda… somehow that name sounds familiar” which normally is “<Your name>… somehow that name sounds familiar” but it’s really funny when your name is Zelda too :p.

L and R are reserved for some important function or other on the 3DS version iirc. EIther way, I think it’s mostly a leftover from the N64 version being incapable of doing so.

Spoiler free hint – walk everywhere and see what you can do.

Spoiler answer – There’s an area in part of the main village up on a raised hill with fences, rocks, and a training dummy. In the back of that there’s a hole you can crawl through. After you’re through that you need to time your running to dodge a boulder trap and open a chest with the sword.

It eases you into combat pretty well. Deku babas (flowers) can’t hurt you unless you’re too close, and if you have your shield up you’re invincible to them. Deku scrubs are fought almost entirely by standing still and shielding. Skulltullas require some more finesse, but they’re not too bad. Ghoma larva may give you some issues though…

Like many old games the game can be hard at times, you aren’t led along like most of the modern games. If you get badly stuck, I recommend looking up a guide.

How goes it, Kiyoshi?

I’m playing this game myself, currently lost in the Jabu Jabu’s belly section. I can’t wait to get the horse!

I’ve played OOT several times and I still get lost in that place, I think it’s because everything looks sorta the same.

IIRC, the designer for that section apologized for how big a PITA it was, and that in the 3DS version it’s easier to take the boots on and off, or something.

Yup, you can take put them on/off simply bu tapping thte icon on the touchscreen. They also added colored paths on the wall leading to each of the 3 triforce pictures that change the water level

Kiyoshi, any updates?

Hey! Listen!

Fun when I was young but a chore on each replay… Even the first time playing Twilight Princess I ended up quitting after I got to the sumo wrestling boulders. Ocarina was a great N64 game but I enjoyed Mario 64 way more and Banjo-Kazooie the most… Most people grow out of it but if your young then give it a try, it had some good puzzles…

This is the first time I’ve felt nostalgic for an N64 game… fun thread, good memories!

Looking like the next Zelda installment is due in one month. Anybody else picking up Skyward Sword right away for the Wii?

I won’t get Skyward Sword. Main reason being the big name Wii titles are expensive, even used. Second reason being that I quit Twilight Princess at the air temple because I got stuck and wasn’t enjoying the game enough to consult a walkthrough. Third reason being that I’ve barely played any Wii titles since my stepson brought his Xbox to our house.

I am a fan of Ocarina of Time. I’m pretty sure it’s the only RPG I’ve completed in the last decade, excepting roguelikes, diablolikes, and shooter/RPG hybrids. It’s odd, come to think of it, that Torchlight and Planescape: Torment are considered to be in the same general category.